The anatomy of on-demand television

In every agency, cable operator, publishing house and brand headquarters, water cooler conversations have turned to the explosion of digital

2009 budgets and capital expenditures

In this yearly feature, we ask top engineers at the groups where next year’s budgets and capital expenditures are heading. What’s tops on...

Streaming Update: Making money with online content

Streaming technology providers address the latest issues and solutions in the streaming industry. Let's face it: Online broadcasting is getting more

Everything is for sale, you just have to find financing

When Clear Channel announced the sale of 450 radio stations almost 2 years ago, we were experiencing the tip of the iceberg of just...

The advantages of local ownership

First, any radio people passing through Or close to Orangeburg SC, listen in (WORG is at 100.3) …Our town is along I-26, and U.S. 301/601 and not far from I-95. At 25Kw we have

Programming HD2 and HD3

HD multicast stations are a perfect way for a radio station or market to identify and take advantage of local opportunities and sentiments, while providing listeners with an abundance of choice

How radio and television stations can adapt to and capitalize on the digital revolution

For broadcasters who grew up in the age of vacuum tubes, LPs, cart machines, and

Increasing News Story Rankings in Google

It was one of the strangest assignments an internet publicity agency had ever had.  All their other clients wanted to move UP the Google...

Arbitron Measures Online Radio

Arbitron began measuring the Online Radio in 1998 when we conducted our first study on Radio and the Internet with Edison Media Research.  In...

Catch-22. Are you looking in the fun-house mirror?

Budget cuts have prompted many stations to consider doing their home-brewed research for the first time in a generation. This is the final article...

Characteristics of Breakthrough News Brands

Every year my staff analyzes and catalogs thousands of TV station on-air promos from markets all over the world. It is a treat for us when we find

"Ordinary People" Finding your listeners in the real world.

This is the third of four Monday articles from Media Consultant Bob Harper regarding stations doing their own research

Maximizing Buzz on Broadcast Web Sites

Keeping users coming back for fresh content requires a delicate balance on broadcast web sites.  Comments have a big effect on traffic.  If a...

The continuing evolution from radio to audio

As a company that has focused on, built, and led the growing online radio market, Ronning Lipset Radio continues to be interested in many of the external

Which Metrics Matter?

There are metrics that matter – but not all metrics are created equal. We believe radio stations searching for the right metrics for selling...
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