Media Polarization and the 2020 Election

As the U.S. enters a heated 2020 presidential election year, a new Pew Research Center report finds that Republicans and Democrats place their trust in two nearly inverse news media environments. What could this mean for your broadcast media station, and the implications on ratings and long-term ad revenue?

Pandora’s Latest Plan To Drain Radio’s Ad Dollars

Understanding "the contextual affinities and nuances" of every radio market in the U.S. is key to connecting with listeners "in a mindset that matters." Yet, it is not a radio group but SiriusXM-owned Pandora that is telling potential marketers and advertising clients key facts about listeners in markets of all sizes. It's just another slap in the face of an industry that still doesn't get it, our editor-in-chief opines.

An Ex-L’Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive Marketer Wants You To ‘SeeHer’

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has selected a prominent marketing and media executive as the first president of SeeHer, the organization's movement for gender equality in advertising, marketing, and entertainment. It's an individual with stops at L'Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive on her resume.

Benner On Washington: ‘A Mock Inspection Program Redux

As we enter the 25th year of the existence of the “FCC Compliance Certification Program,” Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner argues that the program deserves "a realistic review of its history of licensee protection from massive fines, fees, forfeitures and most significantly, legal expenses."

QSR’s Big Money Order For Mobile

Traditional media channels will get more than half of QSRs’ spend in 2019, new research from BIA Advisory Services notes. However, most of the growth in local ad spend will come from digital media channels. Where does that leave broadcast radio and television?

ViacomCBS: Stuck In The Middle?

While there are costs and revenue synergies to be delivered and assets to be divested, Wall Street analyst Michael Nathanson thinks that the structural pressures facing the industry will negatively weigh on ViacomCBS’s basic and premium cable networks as cord cutting and the attendant pressures likely accelerate. With that said, there is one big unresolved issue facing ViacomCBS.

The One Person You Won’t Want As A Sales Hunter

If you're hiring a sales rep to prospect for leads and acquire new accounts, then don't hire this type of person, warns expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Unfortunately, they look like a great candidate, so it's really difficult to know from just an interview," he says.

A Salute To Alabama Broadcasters … and Larry Wilkins

Over the past 50 years and thousands of station visits, Ken Benner has encountered the best and worst among the broadcasting industry. Past columns were focused on the premise that the most professional individual at the top of this list is one willing to share unselfishly his talent and experience with his/her colleagues, he says. "I suspect I have found the individual at the top of this list."

CES 2020: A Wieser View On ‘Invisible Revolutions’

Among the many attendees at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was Brian Wieser, Global President for Business Intelligence at GroupM. In this column, Wieser notes that there was no shortage of new gadgets at CES 2020. But, do any have a potentially positive -- or negative -- impact on broadcast media?

Four Smart Ways To Coach Your Sales Reps On A Call

Want your star sales leader to become a better coach for the AE squad? Expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger has studied successful sales managers for years. This has empowered him to pen a Media Information Bureau column focused on four effective strategies that could give your reps a little more fuel to fire up their sales efforts.

CES 2020: Where Next for Wearables?

After years of product development and experimentation, wearable tech has started to gather pace, building an ecosystem of connected devices that is capturing the hearts and wallets of consumers. Futuresource Consulting's continuing series on top CES 2020 topics continues with this column from James Manning Smith on the "rapid acceleration of device uptake" it is seeing, resulting in a global market value of $108 billion by 2023.

Audio Everywhere: The Rise of Consumer Music Hardware

On Tuesday, RBR+TVBR offered commentary from Futuresource Consulting's Luke Pearce on how esports is "edging its way into mainstream consciousness." Today, Pearce offers his analysis on the demand for consumer music hardware -- and the rise of smart speakers.

Benner On Washington: Tools of Clarity For Everyone

For their Alternative FCC Compliance Inspection tours, hundreds of Radio and TV Public Inspection Files have been prepped, from scratch, by Ken Benner and his wife, Karen —potentially saving millions of dollars in fines and legal expenses for broadcast licensees. In her honor, Ken shares a published newspaper column he wrote back in June of 1988 that contains great advice for 2020.

RBR+TVBR Observation: Ire Misfire From A Mayor, and Former Commissioner

On Thursday, an editorial co-written by the Mayor of Dayton, Ohio and a former FCC Commissioner appeared in USA TODAY. It slams the Commission for its approval of Cox Media Group's Apollo deal, which requires the Dayton Daily News to reduce its print schedule from daily distribution in order to comply with FCC rules. In a retort, our editor-in-chief says the FCC isn't to blame: the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is.

What Did The Top 10 TV Advertisers of 2019 Spend?

So, who are the top 10 advertisers of 2019 by ad spend? How much did these companies spend on TV advertising? Ad sales business intelligence firm MediaRadar crunched the numbers, and has revealed the details just in time for New Year's Eve. One interesting takeaway: There were more than 2,000 newcomers to television advertising in 2019, including PostMates.

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