Cutting DSO: A Good Defensive Strategy for Tackling the Economic Downturn

The beach umbrellas are back in the shed, the kids are back in school and the NFL is

Mark Levin: Sounding the alarm for our freedoms

ABC Radio Networks’ Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, via his top-rated show on WABC NYC. He’s one...

Characteristics of Breakthrough News Brands

Every year my staff analyzes and catalogs thousands of TV station on-air promos from markets all over the world. It is a treat for us when we find

“Mass” vs. “Me”

Understanding the difference between “mass media” and “me media” is a pivot point for radio creating innovative ideas that present triple-win scenarios which benefit advertiser

Speaking with Alan Frank

Post-Newsweek TV Stations hasn’t been active in station buying or selling for some time, so it was big news when President and CEO Alan Frank recently cut a deal to buy WTVJ-TV Miami from

"Ordinary People" Finding your listeners in the real world.

This is the third of four Monday articles from Media Consultant Bob Harper regarding stations doing their own research

Maximizing Buzz on Broadcast Web Sites

Keeping users coming back for fresh content requires a delicate balance on broadcast web sites.  Comments have a big effect on traffic.  If a...

Programming the extra minutes of internet radio ad breaks

Most online radio stations are filling their breaks with all national PSAs. People view this parade of diseases

The continuing evolution from radio to audio

As a company that has focused on, built, and led the growing online radio market, Ronning Lipset Radio continues to be interested in many of the external

Which Metrics Matter?

There are metrics that matter – but not all metrics are created equal. We believe radio stations searching for the right metrics for selling...

Integrated Marketing – Grab vs. Growth

I’ve been working with the internet since 1996, and full-time since 1999. In many ways it feels more like 20-years due to the rapid-speed at which technology

Summer is a Great Time for Television

Like sand slipping through toes on a summer beach, viewers of television can slip away during the summer season.  Warm sunny days beckon and...

Play Misty for Me

This is the second in a series of four Monday articles in Radio Business Report in which I’ll be helping you with your own ‘jungle,’ ‘bathtub,’ ‘roll-your-own,’ home-brewed,’ ‘do-it-yourself’ Research

Master the Critical Skills

If you're going to sell more every year, you need to get better every year. Let's look at this a different way. If what you are currently doing would produce the results you are looking for, the results should have already shown up

Traffic and Revenue series: “What the users say”

In today's Traffic and Revenue Management System Intel Brief, we've gathered some quotes from radio and television traffic

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