How Your Sales Reps Can Master Cold Calling

Fear of cold calling can immobilize a sales rep. "Cold calling, prospecting, lead generation – whatever you call it, can be an intimidating exercise," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "If you or a sales rep you know struggles with making calls, here are three things to do to break the fear of cold calling."

Beware of the Marketing ‘Golden Child’

They interview well. They have a track record of breaking sales records. But you do not want to hire them. Expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger details in this freshly penned column why one should be very wary of the scary "Golden Child."

What’s The Next Growth Engine For Digital Advertising?

If small businesses have shifted most of their spend online and digital-first companies are beginning to mature, double digit digital ad growth will depend on sustained expansion in digital business transformation from “traditional” marketers - brands whose businesses have historically existed offline primarily, says Brian Wieser.

Why Qualifying Makes You An Awesome Sales Rep

Want your sales reps to increase their closing ratios? It all starts with qualifying properly, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Share this column with your sales team and they'll love you for it!" He exclaims.

Another 10 Questions To Ask Every Sales Candidate

Looking for the right way to get the answers you seek from potential sales candidates in your organization? Perhaps these 10 questions from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger can help. Good interview questions can go a long way in enabling the hiring party to accomplish this task.

Is One Of Your Sales Reps Failing? Here’s A Reason Why

Got a sales rep who is not hitting their sales quota? Can't figure out why? You might find your answer in this freshly penned Media Information Bureau column from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger.

Kantar: A Strong Lack Of Confidence In Marketers’ Media Programs

If the media buyer or planner your company works with lacks access to all the data needed to create actionable insights, they’re not alone. According to a new report from Kantar, only 8% of marketers think they have all the data they need. It's a top takeaway from "Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion."

Is Ad Industry Weakness A Media Industry Concern?

"We are in the midst of one of the strongest advertising markets in a while, yet advertising agency revenues are decidedly weak." That's an assessment of the advertising industry from Wall Street investment analyst Michael Nathanson, who has five key takeaways from NY Advertising Day to share.

The Seven Things Smart Sales Managers Do In A Coaching Session

Want to take your coaching game to the next level? This freshly penned column from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger is worth six minutes of your time. Here, he provides a list of "proven" techniques that effective sales managers use to improve sales performance.

Ten Great Questions To Ask Your Next Sales Hire

Do you struggle asking good questions when interviewing sales reps? That's a question expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger wants you to think about, and answer as best as possible. How so? He presents 10 "powerful questions to transform your hiring process."

Five Stellar First Appointment Questions

You only get one first appointment with a prospect. Here's some great advice from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger on how to never waste one again. Five questions, and his answers, could provide great learning for your entire media organization.

What Local Ad Buyers Love, And Dislike

"Love it or hate it, this is the chart that gets the most attention every year," says noted local advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. "It's basically a barometer indicating where it's going to be sunny, cloudy, or stormy in the local advertising world."

Come In, We’re Open: Retail’s True Growth Story?

Barney's New York on August 6 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. CNBC reported that the move "makes the luxury department store the latest victim of the retail upheaval, as shoppers buy online and from brands directly." The National Retail Federation takes issue with this.

Ten Smart Ways to Make Your Sales Training Better

"Sales training is critical for growing and sustaining a successful sales team, but you've got to do it right," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "You can't afford to waste your money or time." This Media Information Bureau column is guaranteed to be a winner.

Local Agencies: Warming To Advanced TV

The latest "Chart of the Week" from Borrell Associates features a particularly intriguing insight from its recently completed survey of 442 local ad agencies. "[It] looks like they're still in love with broadcast TV, but they've started open relationships with other video platforms," says Gordon Borrell.

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