Welcome To TV: A Slew Of New Advertisers, At COVID-19 Height

Nearly $460 million entered the national TV marketplace in the first half of 2020 from 110 first-time national advertisers across 59 categories. That's the big takeaway from a new report released Tuesday (10/13) by the VAB. We've got more highlights for you.

Seven Critical Questions to ‘Gut Check’ Your Sales Process

What shape is your sales process in? Does it need tweaking? How well do your sales reps follow it? Is it the most effective way to get to a sale? When is the last time you updated the steps or tasks? These are questions expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger tackles in this latest column.

Tips To Identify, and Connect, With Potential Customers

As Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner for the Center for Sales Strategy sees it, one of the most important things to do in uncertain times is to raise our expectations on what radio and TV can expect out of its sales team's performance. This observation came alongside lots of helpful advice in an exclusive Hispanic Radio Conference LIVE virtual presentation held Thursday.

Customer Experience, and the ‘Human Experience

Marketers love to talk about the customer experience, but maybe this sort of thinking needs to change—or at least, expanded, argues Tom Kaneshige, Chief Content Officer at the CMO Council. In his view, "They should be delivering a human experience."

Stretching Political Dollars: Why OTA TV Is Still King

The much anticipated first presidential debate is taking place this evening in Cleveland. That makes a newly released political advertising white paper, Stretching Political Dollars, jointly offered by Nielsen and Advertising Analytics, ever-so timely. Among the key findings: local TV is still tops when it comes to reaching voters.
Michael Nathanson

U.S. Media: ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing?’

Is there an abundance of sports at a time when TV viewing typically dips? That is a question Wall Street wizard Michael Nathanson, Senior Analyst at MoffettNathanson poses. What he says could flatten that fresh six-pack of beer and hasten the mold on that cheese pizza.

TV Show Viewers: Luxury Brand Consumers?

NY Fashion Week concludes Thursday (9/17) with live streaming sessions through the midday hours. What does this have to do with television? It's all about added ad dollars, and how local and regional luxury brands may warrant a call from one of your AEs.

Four Killer Questions That Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process

You want to hire the best sales reps possible. Before you make an offer to your top candidate, frame your decision with these guidelines, says Barrett Riddleberger, CEO of xPotential Selling Inc.

Another Huge Week For Auto Insurers At TV

From Flo and friends to the Gecko and an emu, auto insurance specialists love TV. And, the last week saw plenty of spot TV activity from the top brands all competing for consumer attention.

COVID-19’s Positive Household CPG Sales Bump Continues

Overall household CPG spending experienced 17% year-over-year growth in June 2020. It follows a healthy jump in year-over-year spending seen in May, and with increased COVID-19 concerns in hot spots such as California, Arizona and Florida, July could be shaping up to be another big month for a category ripe for radio and TV advertising.

Three Ways To Improve Your Sales Training Efforts

While most companies agree that sales training is important, they also agree that it is ineffective. "Salespeople enter sessions with low expectations and leave with a few new ideas, but no measurable improvement in their sales skills," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. To make your sales training more efficient, he offers three principles in mind.

Six Questions to Ask Before Terminating a Sales Rep

Letting go of a sales rep is tough to do, notes expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger. Before you make that decision, check out these important questions. As he sees it, you just might save a superstar sales rep.

Innovation and Technology: Brand Growth, and Media, too?

According to a "great majority of marketers," future brand growth will be tied to marketing innovations and technology. But, many of them spend little time learning how to utilize either of those tools. If this sounds familiar to your radio or TV operation, you may want to read a new ANA report that offers keen insights on marketing, innovation and technology.

CPG Spending Continues Its COVID-19 Fueled Surge

While not quite as impressive as the year-over-year increases seen in March and April, as much of the U.S. was in strict shelter-at-home quarantines tied to the novel coronavirus, household consumer packaged goods (CPG) spending in May 2020 was still up significantly compared to one year ago.

To Attract Top Talent, Consider A Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of a sales executive has evolved, says Alexander Group media-focused change agent Matt Bartels. Today's sales pros require knowledge of new technological skills, and younger pros tend to have them all. However, as Bartels writes in this fresh column, they may not be considering sales careers because they don't see it as a lucrative profession.
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