More Holiday ideas for sales

Another year has blown by. Now with the economy so bad, I saw a doghouse with a “foreclosure” sign on it, the dreaded first quarter is on the way, and some ideas are needed to

Match Your Advertisers with the Content

RAB's Radio Training Academy teaches the value of prospecting for advertisers whose typical customer is a good match with the station's typical listener. You'll get more appointments and have a higher success rate at closing them

On the Spot – If it doesn’t Sell it Doesn’t Matter

Having just returned from the South African Radio Forum I have discovered again that we in the States are not alone…especially when it comes...

Interep’s Local Focus Radio is recharged and reunited with Focus 360!!

We know that there is a tremendous opportunity for a Sales Organization to both sell and to market local radio to national advertisers and agencies. The Local Focus Radio Team, re-united with its

PSA challenge for radio, TV and cable insertion

It has occurred to me that as the huge inventory of our various media go unsold day after day after we have a unique opportunity to help the less fortunate besides helping non profits

Keep their numbers handy; Holidays advice

An idea… in the studio, control room, whatever it’s called at your facility, there should be a list of all clients and their phone...

What cookies can teach us about news branding

If you examine the great brands of the world you'll notice something funny about them.  Feeling them is easy, but describing them in words...

Utilizing Sound Effects

A lot of pressure is placed on narrators to voiceover the best possible radio advertisement. There is one important aspect of advertisements, however, that has nothing to do with the narrators

Let’s Grow Up and Eat at the Big Table

I used to have a sales manager who mixed metaphors.  One day he announced to our staff, “We’re fighting tooth and nail over bones.” ...

Five tips on why you should network in a recession

Everybody knows that networking is growing in popularity. There are social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook and Business Networking sites such as

Challenges are Opportunities to Make Better Decisions

It’s never a good time for a crisis. Even so, the financial predicament that we’re facing couldn’t happen at a worse time

Tease promo writing secrets from the movie trailer masters

In today’s article we learn how to inject a compelling promise of a complex story right into the opening line.

More on “Opportunity: Automotive Service”

Your readership at RBR must be exploding.  I've had a ton of calls and emails regarding my memo "Opportunity, Automotive Service."  Most of them are...

Opportunity: Automotive Service

Dear Friends: On my recent calls to top advertising people at General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – all are screaming the same thing: “CARS...

Forecast or Fairytale

There you are buried under a mound of paperwork - your schedule is absorbed by meetings with managers throughout your staff, phone calls, voicemail, email, calendars, spreadsheets – all to try and figure out which lie looks