Ideas for clients in tough times

Some sales and maybe money saving ideas in these troubled times.  I don’t know if I’d passed this one along here, but if you...

Finishing on a High Note

As was discussed last month, the beginning of the radio ad is the most important part and must be used to engage listeners and get them excited and interested for the rest of the ad. Once you have engaged your listeners you will need

Getting your station ready for social media marketing

In the viral frontier of social media marketing, it is important to understand that you no longer own your station brand. For generations, TV stations

Navigating the current in social communications

I cringe when I hear agencies use the expression “media-neutral” (mea culpa, we’ve used it ourselves). It’s the kind of language that smacks

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

In last week's article I talked about how media companies are changing their tactics to successfully integrate social media into

Hurricane Recovery

Over the years, Lund consulted stations have faced local disasters or national tragedies similar to the hurricanes that have devastated Texas and the south, so we wrote our Lund Disaster Stylebook

Slim silver lining in what looks hot

It appears that consumers haven't completely retreated from considering major purchases, as six month purchase intentions for many

Create Powerful Content! To Get, Keep and Grow Your Audience!

A while back, while helping a friend clear out her aunt’s estate, (her aunt being a woman who never threw anything out

Coaxing the givers out of would-be Grinches

Knowing in advance the current trends on consumers spending habits and what is pushing their intentions on what to buy and when is a key in increasing your sales

Social Media Marketing Tactics for Broadcasters

In last week's article, I talked about the new techniques of social media optimization. These are methods used to increase a product's viral buzz factor. It is all about

Being Interruptive Well

The beginning of a radio advertisement is without question the most important part. As a result, much of the focus of radio ad creation should be on the beginning and how it will

Top Line Findings on the Retail side

Looking forward on how consumers are adjusting to the world around them, this information gives key indicators on how your local sales

Marketing TV Brands with Social Media Optimization

You've probably heard of SEO, search engine optimization, but there is a new term you should be familiar with, SMO, which stands for social...

Cutting DSO: A Good Defensive Strategy for Tackling the Economic Downturn

The beach umbrellas are back in the shed, the kids are back in school and the NFL is

“Mass” vs. “Me”

Understanding the difference between “mass media” and “me media” is a pivot point for radio creating innovative ideas that present triple-win scenarios which benefit advertiser
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