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The magazine choices of older television fans

Here is the fourth and final section of a four-part look at the favorite magazines of the broadcast audience, this time focusing on programming...

Finding the radio faves of your older TV audiences

And here it is – part six of a six-part series tracking broadcast audiences across the radio dial. We’ve looked at the secondary radio choices of radio format audiences, and tracked young and middle-aged TV fans to their favorite radio destinations. Today, we conclude with older television fans.

Radio’s Latest ‘Share Of Ear’: 50 Percent

Edison Research has released its third-quarter 2016 "Share of Ear" study, and there's some good news for radio.

BMI’s Fiscal Year Is Over. Radio, TV Weren’t The Top Revenue Source

It was a record-breaking revenue year for BMI, which just concluded fiscal 2019. But, don't mistakenly believe the surge in dollars came from radio or from television. BMI's growth is largely thanks to cable and satellite services -- and digital audio services, too.

The buying habits of television fans

Do you ever find yourself checking out what the people around you are checking out when you’re at the grocery store? If you’re in...

Fabulous week for broadcast stocks

During the last week of October, most broadcasters who trade in the stock markets found Halloween treats in their bags.

The First Choice For Viewing? It’s Not Live Television

A research firm created "to focus specifically on the intersection of technology and entertainment" has just released the latest findings from an annual study tracking the TV sources consumers consider their "go-to" viewing platform. The results, according to Hub Entertainment Research? Multiplatform use is continuing to rise, and there's a steady move away from live TV as a default source. We've got a "famous" RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION on this to share.

Indiana PBS Expands Remote Learning In A Hoosier State County

High-speed internet is a hard thing to come by for some 1,200 students in a rural Indiana county. Now, the local school board has a solution just in time for the start of the school year. And, it is thanks to a partnership with Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations.

Download This: How Radio Fans Use Mobile Devices

Young-skewing format fans love to download apps on their favored mobile platform the most, but all format fans do it. We have the click-by-click...

April sets the 2013 trading standard

The value of all television deals accepted by the FCC in April didn’t make it the priciest month of the year – that would be March. And radio trading in April took a back seat to February. But both came in second during the first four months of the year, making it overall the biggest month of broadcast dealing of the year to that point.

Deals: The Merry Month of May Eclipsed Q1

By any measure, stations are not trading like hotcakes this year

Has Subscription OTT Growth Hit Its Peak?

Parks Associates' OTT video research finds household spending on subscription OTT video services has held steady for three years, averaging just under $8 per month since 2016. Here are the full details from its latest research report.

The Sporting Life of Radio Fans

The more you know about your audience, the better – and RBR-TVBR continues its ongoing effort to shed light on as many facets of...
People watching TV

What young radio fans like on TV

Chances are that when your radio regulars are seeking broadcast entertainment, and they do not happen to be in a vehicle, they are watching television. But what are they watching? This is a very good thing to know for a number of reasons, and thanks to the research wizards at Prosper Insights and analytics, we can pinpoint viewing habits four you. Today we look at young-skewing radio audiences.

Here Are The Q1 2017 Broadcast Station Totals

The FCC has released its Q1 2017 Broadcast Station Totals, and there are little changes in the number of TV stations licensed for broadcast in the U.S. Meanwhile, there are more commercial FM radio stations across the nation.
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