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Vital Media Statistics

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Radio and television still own key dayparts

The advent of email and the internet have certainly changed the way people use media throughout the day, but two things haven’t changed: Radio...
People watching TV

Cable destinations of older TV fans

This exploration of the cable tastes of older television fans brings to a close our encyclopedic look at the cable tastes of broadcast audiences on both the radio and television sides of the fence. Come with us as we dig into the massive database of Prosper Insights and Analytics one more time to discover just where the youngest audiences are going. We think you’ll find the information both fascinating and useful.

Here Are The Latest Digital Audio Insights and Trends

The latest digital audio intelligence from Triton Digital has been released, and it provides a rather comprehensive look at total weekday listening to audio streams. We've taken a look at the data, and we're pleased to provide you all of the details.

Radio’s Big Consumption Calling Card, Noted By Nielsen

As the streaming wars heat up, the audience measurement and consumer data giant Nielsen notes that it's important to be mindful of just how much time consumers are spending with different media options ... such as radio. New data gives good ol' AM and FM a positive report card.

The Sporting Life of TV Fans

The more you know about your audience, the better – and RBR-TVBR continues its ongoing effort to shed light on as many facets of...
Survey / Poll

What older radio fans like on TV

Chances are that when your radio regulars are seeking broadcast entertainment, and they do not happen to be in a vehicle, they are watching television. But what are they watching? This is a very good thing to know for a number of reasons, and thanks to the research wizards at Prosper Insights and analytics, we can pinpoint viewing habits four you. Today we look at older-skewing radio audiences.

Does Facebook’s Teen Problem Point To Future Woes?

Perhaps the No. 1 question facing broadcast media C-Suiters is how to combat the magnetic ad-dollar behemoth that is digital social media, led by Facebook. Maybe, with time, radio and TV's budget battles will become a bit easier. How so? New intelligence from eMarketer shows Facebook ranking as the No. 1 social media hub across every age group except one. That would be teens -- and that's not good news.
Magazine Rack

Magazine scene: What television consumers are reading

You can tell a lot about the people who watch you programming by seeing what magazines they read.

Consumer confidence rebounding but volatile

So says the latest report from Prosper Insights & Analytics. Consumers expressed more confidence in February 2013 than they did the month and the...

Trend-free trading on the stock and station fronts

The message was decidedly mixed when it came to station trading during the week of November 17-21.

OTA TV Viewing: Found In Nearly 1 in 4 Broadband Homes

If you think we're in the midst of an "audio renaissance," could broadcast TV's big comeback be unfolding, too?New research from Parks Associates suggests that may be the case, given the percentage of U.S. broadband households that use a digital antenna to watch over-the-air broadcasts.

Download This: How Television Fans Use Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are in the hands of the young, the old and the in-between these days, but there are differences in what fans of...

Chasing your young radio audience across the dial

No doubt some of your core audience members are so in love with your station that they don’t need a tuner – their receiver can be frozen on your frequency and they’ll be happy forever. But the fact is, most radio fans stray elsewhere from time to time. But here’s the good news: This invaluable study of research from Proper Insights and Analytics will tell you where they are going.

Nielsen: Teen Radio TSL Grows With Age

Here's some more ammo to fuel "fake news" reports stating that America's youth don't consume the radio and prefer digital sources for music and entertainment: Data released Friday from Nielsen Audio shows that teens that were 12 years old in 2011 increased their average listening to AM and FM radio by an hour in 2017.

Linear TV Market: A ‘Moderate’ Decline in Ad Demand

The linear television market, on a two-year compound average growth rate (CAGR) basis, was down 1.5% for the whole of the 2018-19 season on an average weekly ad spend metric. Standard Media Index calls this a moderate decline in advertiser demand, and it fails to keep pace with "much larger supply losses" — a.k.a. TV viewing. When combined, advertiser CPMs are up.

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