MAGNA: U.S. Ad Market Up 6%

The global economy has recovered in-line with expectations and, in most markets, so has marketing activity and advertising spending. That's the key finding from the December 2021 MAGNA Advertising Forecasts report. It shows that growth was particularly strong wherever COVID vaccination was fast and deep.

After 32 Months, ‘iHeartPodcast’ AM Replaced With Oldies

After several ratings periods with a 0.1 share of the audience, ranking last in a market that consumes Philadelphia radio stations and even the occasional New York City AM, iHeart has abandoned the all-podcast programming at WSAN-AM 1470 in Allentown.

How is Podcasting Doing across the United Kingdom?

According to the just released "Infinite Dial 2021 UK," some 41% of residents over the age of 16 have listened to a podcast in the last month. That's approximately 23 million people. Podcast Business Journal offered up a summary of the report.
Scott Ryfun, WGIG-AM & FM morning host

With Arbery Murder Trial Complete, A Missing Media Element Surfaces

The Ahmaud Arbery case drew national attention and condemnation for its racial overtones. In Brunswick, Ga., a local radio element surfaced that Media Services Group Managing Director Eddie Esserman — himself a licensee in the Brunswick area — believes is overlooked.  It involves a Talk radio station owned by iHeartMedia.

Radio Guest Quest Moves To G Accelerate for Affiliate, Ad Sales

Celebrity guests previously booked by Radio Guest Quest for radio station interviews include Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, Spike Lee, Chance the Rapper, Steve Martin, LeAnn Rimes, and Anderson Cooper.

With Biden FTC Pick Shaky, Rosenworcel OK Heads To Full Senate

Outside, the weather couldn't be more perfect for the first day of December, with bright sun and temperatures in the mid 50s. Inside the Russell Senate Office Building on the north side of Capitol Hill, things couldn't be sunnier for acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, who is one step closer to having the "acting" title removed from her business cards.

The InFOCUS Podcast: David Andrews

On the latest InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, David Andrews shares with the world what it’s like to crank out tunes like “In the Year 2525” with a live, local host and community-focused advertising on a 1,000-watt AM radio station serving a small Upstate New York market that, until the pandemic, was heavily reliant on the Canadian dollar. LISTEN HERE

Beasley Stock Dip Erases Most 2021 Gains

With Monday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, Beasley Media Group shares have nearly erased all of its 2021 momentum. As such, the stock is ever-closer to its pandemic-era lows and more than $11 per share below where it stood four years ago.
David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, speaking at the 2019 Media Finance Focus conference

Cox Explains To FCC Why It Won’t Sell WPYO To SBS

In Reply Comments submitted earlier this week to the FCC, CMG and broker/trustee Elliot Evers state that poor economic conditions present an opportunity, with precedent, for the Commission to extend a divestiture deadline tied to Apollo's majority ownership acquisition of Cox Media Group.

David Field Snaps Up More Audacy Stock

With Audacy Inc. shares just five cents higher than where they sat on January 4, the company's Chairman and President/CEO has acted by acquiring nearly 120,000 shares of stock in the audio content and distribution company he leads.
Clark Smidt, who found success with Softrock 103 WEEI-FM in Boston some 40+ years ago, owns an AM in New Haven. Why?

The InFOCUS Podcast: Clark Smidt and WATX

Clark Smidt is selling spots, playing the hits of yesteryear and just launched a direct mail campaign to 7 "hot ZIPs" within the listening area of a New Haven-market AM left for dead by its previous owner. Is WATX a hobby, or is it an incubator designed to demonstrate why a licensee should never give up, and avoid turning in the license of a forlorn AM property? This InFOCUS Podcast has the answer. LISTEN HERE

Emmis Moves Forward With Buyback Effort

On October 28, RBR+TVBR first reported that the company founded and led by Jeff Smulyan had earmarked as much as $5.2 million to invest in a long-awaited stock repurchase initiative — one intended to take up to two million Class A Emmis Communications shares out of public hands. The stock buyback effort fell short of that goal.

Audacy Abandons ‘Two Minute Promise’ At ALT Stations

Some 28 months ago, Audacy Inc. Alternative stations addressed complaints among listeners that its commercial breaks were too long. In response, its "ALT" properties adopted a "2 Minute Promise." Now, Audacy has abandoned it. The reason? Rising advertiser demand.

Another Big Week, Indeed, For Spot Radio Stars

There are two huge users of Spot Radio that stand out, once again, in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.
Richard Lara, SBS's EVP and General Counsel

SBS Wants WPYO. Why Isn’t CMG Making The Deal?

Spanish Broadcasting System wants the FCC to deny a waiver request submitted by Cox Media Group that would give the Apollo Global Management-controlled company more time to sell an FM radio station in Orlando and in Tampa, respectively. Why? SBS made an offer in Orlando, and believes that a deadline is a deadline with respect to necessary Commission-enforced divestment.
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