Townsquare Media Group

What’s The Path For Townsquare Stock?

In mid-October 2018, Townsquare Media shares appeared en route to surpass the $8 mark. Then, a slide transpired, sending shares down by nearly 50% on New Year's Eve. Today, TSQ appears to have stabilized -- but at a level well below what Wall Street wants.

First ‘Max’, Now ‘Mighty’: A Mexican Operator’s BCA Bounce

The worst situation any owner of a broadcast media property could face is the loss of their over-the-air home. For San Diego-based Broadcast Company of the Americas, it's now happened twice in five months. Is it "a momentary little blip," as one air talent said Thursday?

Struggles Continue For Beasley Stock

As 2019 began, Beasley Broadcast Group shares began to rise toward the $5 mark. By February, a decline was seen, with attempts of a rebound seen through March 11. Since then, BBGI has been on a steady slide, even with a target price well above its current trading level.
Entravision Communications Corporation

Entravision Slapped By NYSE For ’18 Earnings Filing Failure

With 10 days into the second quarter of 2019, many financial executives are likely starting to compute their company's Q1 earnings. Not so for Entravision Communications. It has yet to file its full-year 2018 and Q4 '18 results, and the NYSE is not happy.

Hit Record Without Airplay? That’s Fake News, WSJ

It's been an incredible two years for Billie Eilish, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from L.A. Thanks, in part, by a song on the soundtrack to Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," Eilish's star is rising fast. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, it's come "without radio." That's not true.

Hubbard, Beasley, iHeart FMs Among Crystal Radio Award Winners

A Hubbard Radio Urban AC station formerly owned by Alpha Media. An iHeartMedia Urban station in New York. A longtime Classic Rocker serving Philadelphia, owned by Beasley Media Group. These were among the 10 stations honored with 2019 NAB Crystal Radio Awards.

Quadrennial Review’s Radio Ringleader: Mike O’Rielly

For those in attendance Monday at a NAB Show Q&A session featuring three of the FCC's five Commissioners, one thing became very obvious: Republican Commissioner Mike O'Rielly appears to be the person in control of how far the FCC will go in its "modernization" efforts.

Two FMs Warned Of Possible License Recovations

The "only locally owned and operated radio station in West Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee and Southern Illinois" could soon be silenced by the FCC. At the same time, a 25kw Class C Country station near Shreveport is also at risk of losing its license. Here's why.

Dayton’s NPR Affiliate Officially Declares Independence

In late January, the GM of the main NPR member station serving Ohio's Miami Valley shared a letter with listeners that hinted at an upcoming change. WYSO-FM would soon become an independent, community-owned radio station. That day has now come.

Cumulus Media CEO to Co-Chair Forecast 2020

Forecast is the radio industry’s most respected and influential annual financial conference, bringing broadcast executives, investors, and advertisers together to discuss the trends that will shape radio. Serving as 2020 co-chair is Mary G. Berner.

Carton Gets Shorter-Than-Expected Jail Time As Ponzi Punishment

One of the most popular sports talk hosts at one of the nation's highest-billing radio stations will be spending the next 3 1/2 years in one of the Empire State's finest penitentiaries. It's a smaller prison sentence for Craig Carton, formerly of Entercom's WFAN, than some expected.

Delinquent Reg Fees Lead To FCC Revocation Order

In November 2018, the FCC implored the owner of a Class A FM serving an area near the Vermont-Massachusetts border to deal with five years of regulatory fee debt. Pay up, it said, or explain the transgression. What happened? Nothing. Say goodbye to this station's license.

Former Bonneville, Hubbard President Bruce Reese Dies

Bruce Reese, who joined Bonneville as general counsel in 1984 and served as president from 1996-2010, has died. Under his leadership Bonneville stations won more than 40 NAB Crystal and Marconi awards. He is being remembered by many across the media world

An Allied Buy Follows Rocking M Family Flux

A 66-page asset purchase agreement was filed at the FCC on Thursday, and it outlines the price a Kansas company is paying for 6 full-power and two translator stations being sold by Rocking M Media. The deal came weeks after the exit of two Miller family members.

Behind iHeart’s Product Strategy Pitch

Within days, a reborn iHeartMedia will emerge from Federal bankruptcy protection. An IPO is in the works. Debt will still be high, but a lot less than it is today. What's iHeart's product strategy, as detailed in its prospectus? It's all about reach.

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