Wieden + Kennedy, Progressive Get Top Honors At Radio Mercury Awards

Winners for the 2019 Radio Mercury Awards were announced Thursday evening at the 28th annual awards presentation held at SONY Hall. This year’s $50,000 Best of Show award was presented to Wieden + Kennedy for their Old Spice Pomade Radio campaign. 

FCC Reinstates License For Tennessee AM

A Class D AM serving Knoxville saw its call letters deleted and its license cancelled some three years ago after its owner failed to fulfill its debt obligations to the FCC. On Thursday, the head of the FCC's Media Bureau Audio Division reversed the decision, allowing it to return to the air.

Also Returning From The Dead: An Alabama AM

Established in 1953, WGEA-AM 1150 was a radio station airing a Talk format owned by Shelley Broadcasting Co. In April 2017, the FCC cancelled the station's license and deleted its call letters -- a penalty for failure to fulfill its debts to the Commission. The FCC has had a change of heart.

Gary Vee Hits Big D For Radio Show Talk

He's known for his no-nonsense, R-rated motivational messages and empowering thought leadership ... as well as a new YouTube animated series and a newly launched wine brand. On Sept. 26, "Gary Vee" will be offering a Radio Show keynote that's sure to be talked about.

Cumulus Makes Multimillion-Dollar Voluntary Loan Prepayment

In the year since its emergence from bankruptcy, Cumulus Media has done much to reduce its outstanding debt. On Wednesday, the company headed by CEO Mary Berner took a giant step in further reducing that outstanding balance.

EMF Grabs An FM In Gulfport

Educational Media Foundation is at it again with the acquisition of another FM radio station -- this time on the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi. The deal is hardly a surprise: It is already a KLOVE member station.

‘WE’ Goes Its Own WAY: PDX Alpha LMA To End

In August 2016, Alpha Media signed on a CHR/Rhythmic station in Portland, Ore., by way of an LMA with 3 Horizons LLC. Now, the station's third anniversary has been put into question, as the Class C3 FM is being sold in a transaction brokered by Kalil & Co. A path to Jesus is being paved.

How Did WZAK Become No. 1 In Cleveland?

That's a question answered in a forthcoming book from Parafine Press released June 11 that's penned by Lee Zapis, who owned radio stations until 1999 and later became a co-founder of Futuri Media. Under Zapis' ownership, WZAK became a legendary Urban Contemporary FM.

A ‘Big Radio’ Deal Goes Down In Wisconsin

An AM-FM combo serving a region between Madison, Wisc., and Rockford, Ill., is being sold to a father/son operation that presently runs eight radio stations in the region. Here's how Big Radio, founded in 1996, is growing thanks to a deal brokered by Kalil & Co.

With iTunes’ Demise, Apple Links Up With Entercom

Apple is retiring its iTunes platform. For the radio industry, an equally important announcement was also made on Monday: Apple is collaborating with Entercom in a way that expands the reach and accessibility of its audio streaming platform.

Introducing the Newest U.S. FM Radio Station

Travel 150 miles to the north of Las Vegas, and you'll find the town of Caliente, Nevada, population 1,130 as of the 2010 Census. Here, "local radio" on the FM dial is comprised of two FM translators. Not anymore. The FCC just said OK to the addition of a brand-new station.

Introducing The Newest Woman-Led Media Company

Cindy May Johnson will rejoin the ranks of women in broadcast media leadership largely thanks to her father's longtime ownership of AMs and FMs in Eastern Kentucky. Now, months after her father's death, she's taken the leadership role for the properties, with a new owner mix.

Can A Quarterly Dividend Rescue ETM Stock?

At 1pm, Entercom shares were down to $5.62, their lowest point since April 3, when ETM began a month-long rally. Those gains have been wiped out. Can a newly announced quarterly dividend provide a spark to a stock that's been sputtering of late on Wall Street?

Judge Says Emmis Can Get Coverage From AIG Unit

A Chicago-based Federal Appeals Court judge has granted Emmis Communications coverage from a subsidiary of AIG, 3 1/2 years after Emmis sued the entity. The radio station owner did so because the insurer applied a policy exclusion, a move which Emmis argued was improper.
Saga Communications, Inc.

Saga Board Says Yes To Another Big Dividend

While Saga shareholders may not be wholly pleased with where the company's shares are today, they will most certainly enjoy the benefit of a healthy quarterly cash dividend to be paid in a matter of weeks. 

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