A Radio Station’s Fight For Life

An AM/FM combo serving the Lake Tahoe region finds itself in a financial quandary. In order to keep the lights on, and employees paid, it has created a GoFundMe page in an appeal to listeners that's designed to prevent a full-fledged shutdown of the stations.

L.A. Chargers Make Estrella Their Hispanic Media Partner

Many people still associate the National Football League franchise with its former longtime home of San Diego. From today, Estrella Media will be doing its part to get a big chunk of Angelinos to support the Los Angeles Chargers. On Tuesday, the company formerly known as LBI Media revealed that it has inked a multi-year partnership with the team for both audio and video coverage, en español.

USRN Offers ‘The Real Thing’ To Radio, With Kenny Loggins

A forthcoming show from United Stations, set to debut during the summer, is set to bring one of the most prolific recording artists of the 1970s and 1980s, who remains highly popular today, to affiliate stations as the host of a new radio program.

Urban One Stock Breaks Records Following Brigade Sale

As RBR+TVBR exclusively reported June 15, Brigade Capital Management's Cayman Islands-based leveraged capital structures fund has sold off all of its shares in the nation's foremost media entity superserving African American consumers. The move by the fund controlled by Don Morgan III sent investors on a buying frenzy. It continued in stunning fashion on Tuesday.

An RMA ‘Shift’ Set For 2020 Competition, Minus Cash and Trophies

A new slate of award categories, along with a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic's wrath on the Big Apple, are the big takeaways from the official announcement that submissions are now being welcomed for the 2020 Radio Mercury Awards.

Salem’s Mighty WIND: Jacobson Welcomed Back To Pritzker Briefings

Two weeks ago, the morning co-host of a Chicago News/Talk radio station owned by Salem Media Group teamed with her employer in filing a federal lawsuit against the governor of Illinois for effectively barring her from his press briefings. Each side had their compelling arguments as to why it happened. Now, the battle is over.

GLR, Sun Broadcast Group Combined Under ‘HRN’ Umbrella

All of the Hispanic assets of Gen Media Partners, presently housed under the GLR and Sun Latino brands, are being congregated under a new banner designed to provide marketers what GMP is calling "an easy one-source solution for advertisers, agencies, and radio stations for all things Hispanic."

Audio At Home: A COVID-19 Bump, Confirmed

According to new Share of Ear data released Monday by Edison Research, the share of time spent listening to audio at home rose 44% during periods with COVID-19 restrictions. It's another example of how streaming audio boomed. But, did that involve radio stations, or Spotify, Pandora and other digital-focused audio selections?

Townsquare’s March Madness: How Regional COVID-19 Impact Matters

Townsquare Media CEO Bill Wilson rattled off an array of specific performance trends for the audio and digital ad solutions company during the now-traditional 8am Eastern earnings call for Wall Street analysts. The upshot? The first half of 2020 will go down as an ugly one, but Wilson says, "We believe that we have turned the corner, and the very worst is behind us."

Flat Revenue Can’t Save Beasley From Big Q1 Loss

With Friday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, Beasley Media Group released its Q1 2020 financial results. What Beasley experienced is hardly a surprise: a significant net loss was seen due to COVID-19 related fiscal challenges. Yet, revenue was flat year-over-year.

‘Are Hedge Funds Done Buying IHRT?’

That's the headline on a newly written Insider Monkey article from Abigail Fisher that answers the question, "Is iHeartMedia, Inc. worth your attention right now?" Fisher's response? "Prominent investors are becoming less hopeful."

Zimmer’s Intent: Show Me Growth in Springfield

"We're in business to help your business grow." That's the brand promise associated with Zimmer Communications, the owner of nine Mid-Missouri radio stations in addition to a publishing arm, a digital media services division, and branding and voiceover segment. Now, Zimmer appears to be intent on growing. It's doing due diligence on a possible deal.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

Here Are The NAB Exec Committee Board of Directors Election Results

The individuals who have served as the Radio Board chair and the Television Board chair, respectively, of the NAB Executive Committee will not be relinquishing their seats for a while. The results of the Executive Committee Board of Directors elections are in, and the result is the re-election of the two media executives.

SBS Scores A Big Legal Fee Win In Court

A copyright fight involving the songs of such salseros as Celia Cruz was brought to a halt three years by a Federal court in New York, bringing dances of victory to SBS. Now, SBS leaders are likely cheering over the latest twist in this legal matter: A judge has ruled the media company is entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and costs.

Calvary Chapel Gets A Silent Lone Star FM

To the far northwest of Abilene, a 19kw commercially licensed FM facility lays silent, after unsuccessfully bringing MVS Radio's "La Mejor" regional Mexican format north of the Rio Grande to this rural part of Texas. Now, the licensee is selling the property, and it's about to make a religious move.

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