Hispanic Radio Podcast: Badger State Success

Why did John Torres take the leap to investing in radio in a challenging Midwestern market? What can other broadcasters, or those seeking to enter radio station ownership, glean from Torres' experience? The answers are found in this latest 15-minute podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.
Saga Communications, Inc.

Saga Shareholders’ Gift From Santa: A Sizable Dividend

The Board of Directors of Saga Communications, now a pure-play owner of radio stations, has given the green light to a quarterly cash dividend paid to shareholders of record as of Dec. 10.

Addressing Essential Broadcast Issues

Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner is again sharing ways a radio or TV station licensee can avoid paying needless FCC fines and consent decree payments to the U.S. Treasury. In this column, Benner discusses two must-have guides for saving money.

This NBA Squad Selects Skyview For Play-By-Play Services

One of the nation's most successful National Basketball Association franchises has selected Skyview Networks as its play-by-play broadcast services provider.

Sheridan Selects A Radio and Digital Leader

Sheridan Broadcasting Corp. has hired an individual whose chief task involves the development of new digital, video, mobile, and social media content — in addition to  cultivating e-commerce consumer revenue strategies as well as launching new business partnerships.

Indiana Owner Blair Trask Dies

In what Indiana RadioWatch described as unexpected, radio station owner Blair Trask, known for properties in Kentucky and in the Hoosier State, passed away on Thanksgiving Day at the age of 60.

HPRN Spears Tejas Foursome In Expanded Deal

In early October, RBR+TVBR was first to report the addition of a Class C1 facility serving Clovis, N. Mex., by a swiftly expanding group led by Monte Spearman. It turns out he wasn't done, and he's grabbing more stations from the seller.

It’s The Truth: Veritas Secures Southern Conn. Station

A Class B AM serving Fairfield County, Conn., and most of the north shore of Long Island, is being sold along with its presently dark FM translator. The buyer will most likely say farewell to programming presently billed as "The Sound of Peace and Love."

‘Vault’ Move Leads To Delmarva Stick Sale

Until recently, a Class A serving the southern half of the Delmarva Peninsula from Maryland's Eastern Shore was a simulcast partner of a Classic Rocker. Now, the programming has shifted to a closer-to-D.C. facility as this station gets traded away.

Northern Ohio’s ‘Solid Biblical’ FM Deal

Monday marked the most active day for deals in several weeks, and among the stations traded is a Class B1 FM radio station that reaches both the Cleveland and Akron-Canton markets. The deal will leave in place the station's non-secular format targeting Christian listeners.
Broadcast Tower

A Humble Little Translator With A Big Selling Price

A 250-watt FM translator that's presently off the air is licensed to serve a significant portion of a top 10 market. The facility just sold for a formidable price.

Iliad’s Odyssey Now Includes Treasure Valley Take

At the end of January, a privately owned radio broadcasting company active across some of Idaho’s biggest markets took on a new name. The change marked the retirement of a couple who had attributable interest in what had been Locally Owned Radio. Now, with operations in Boise and in Twin Falls, Idaho, the company presently known as Iliad Media Group is growing in the Treasure Valley.

A ‘Sacred’ Strategy To Secure A Second Seattle Station

The AM band, unlike many other Westernized nations, remains a vital source of programming of various styles for millions of Americans. In Seattle, an operator has just filed a deal with the FCC seeking ownership of a second facility in the market. The deal marks the end of a legacy for a sportscaster and "civic icon" who passed away on June 1, 2011.

A Twilight Purchase For A Keystone State Combo

A Class A FM and its 1kw Class D daytime-only AM sibling serving a small city along the Allegheny River in Northwest Pennsylvania have just been traded. It's an area of interest to a newly formed radio broadcasting company headed by Tom Langmyer, but he's not the buyer of this combo. Who is?

New York Radio Touts Its Ability To Pump Purchases

The latest quarterly NYMRAD State of the Market Report is out, and it includes details on specific business trends and local information from a variety of sources. It's designed to give marketers a complete and accurate snapshot of the New York Tri-State Area and local radio's impact on consumers -- in addition to its "prominent role" in the local advertising landscape.

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