America’s Top Radio Company Refocuses On ‘Common Needs’

In an announcement distributed to select trade publications and posted to its investor relations web page, iHeartMedia revealed "a new organizational structure for its Markets Group." As first reported by Streamline Publishing's Radio Ink, jobs will be lost. The exact number is unknown, but 18 high profile names were already public by mid-afternoon Tuesday.

Radio Mercury Awards Announces 2020 Call for Entry

For 2020, the Radio Mercury Awards has added several new prize categories. There is a new prize category entitled Multicultural Radio Spot Campaign. The prize is meant for specific non-general, market consumer segments, including, but not limited to, Hispanic, African-American, LGBTQ+, Asian and People with Disabilities.

Behind Entercom’s New ‘Value Advantage’

There's a new "Value Advantage" backing Entercom Communications stock. It's thanks to the acquisition of a big chunk of the radio broadcasting company's publicly traded issues by JP Morgan Chase & Co.

A Salute To Alabama Broadcasters … and Larry Wilkins

Over the past 50 years and thousands of station visits, Ken Benner has encountered the best and worst among the broadcasting industry. Past columns were focused on the premise that the most professional individual at the top of this list is one willing to share unselfishly his talent and experience with his/her colleagues, he says. "I suspect I have found the individual at the top of this list."

A Top NAB Leader Takes A Quu, And Will Exit

The EVP for Industry Affairs and Strategic Planning at the NAB, an industry veteran who is the founder of a government affairs, leadership and strategic planning firm, has announced his departure from broadcast media's biggest lobbying group and voice on Capitol Hill. Where is he heading? A tech company backed by Beasley Media Group headquartered in the state of Washington.

Mackay Shifts Texas Markets With Entercom Promotion

The GSM for Entercom Communications' Houston station group has been promoted to the role of Senior VP and Market Manager for another cluster of radio stations owned and operated by the company with David Field at the helm. It sees this longtime radio industry sales leader pack up and head to the Lone Star State's capital.

FCC Error Erases Three Proposed Filing Fines

In December, the FCC issued a series of Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture for the failure by five licensees to timely file a license renewal application for their respective radio stations. On Monday (1/13), three of those five licensees saw their NALs canceled by the Audio Division Chief. This includes the biggest of the five proposed penalties.

Profit Dips, Fueled By Radio, Don’t Deter This Media Company

As Canada's Corus Entertainment sees it, the owner of radio and TV stations and the Global television network enjoyed "a solid Q1." But, its fiscal Q1 2020 profit dipped -- and radio is largely to blame. Is it harbinger of things to come in the U.S.?

A Sunny Send-Off For A Tennessee AM/FM Combo

Since 1956, an AM/FM operation has served communities including Cookeville and Livingston, Tenn., with a variety of country music and locally focused programming. Today, two FM translators are tied to these full-powered stations. And, they are heading to a new owner, as the company led by J. Annette Oakley is selling them to another regional broadcast entity -- one led by Larry Stone.

Traug Keller Is Retiring From ESPN Audio. Who Will Lead It Now?

Keller "is expected to help" ESPN through a transition period before stepping away from his day-to-day duties as the SVP of ESPN Audio and as head of the ESPN Talent Office in February. It marks the latest major shift for ESPN's audio properties in the last five months. Who will now lead ESPN Radio? An internal memo offered details -- including a new leader in Los Angeles.

A Phoenix AM Heads Into Receivership … Again

For the second time in nearly six years, the license for an AM radio station in the Phoenix market is heading to a court-appointed receiver. It's the latest chapter in a hard luck story involving an operation that in April 2017 claimed a full-power FM's interference claims against its first-adjacent FM translator were "invalid" and, in February 2019 shut down due to the loss of a tower lease.

How To Put Sunshine In Your 2020 Sales Strategy

Matt Sunshine, managing partner at the Center for Sales Strategy, is traveling to Miami in late March to channel his energies and sales prowess in a Hispanic Radio Conference session focused on one of the biggest challenges faced by radio reps — reaching decision makers. Here's why you may want to travel to South Florida for an educational Spring Break.

Audio Everywhere: The Rise of Consumer Music Hardware

On Tuesday, RBR+TVBR offered commentary from Futuresource Consulting's Luke Pearce on how esports is "edging its way into mainstream consciousness." Today, Pearce offers his analysis on the demand for consumer music hardware -- and the rise of smart speakers.

How Many U.S. Adults Own At Least One Smart Speaker?

Some 60 million people in the U.S. aged 18 and older own at least one smart speaker device. That's the biggest takeaway from the latest Smart Audio Report survey, conducted after the December 2019 holidays, by NPR and Edison Research.

NAB, SBAs Cheer Senate Approval Of ‘PIRATE Act’

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday gave an affirmative nod to the "Preventing Illegal Radio Abuse Through Enforcement Act," legislation that would greatly increase the maximum fine imposed on an individual found to be a pirate radio operator. It's a big step toward ridding the Miami airwaves of a big buccaneer that continues his illegal FM broadcasts today.

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