Ravi Kapur

Ravi Kapur Adds Florida LPTV Pair

A Bay Area entrepreneur who once appeared on-camera at KGO-7 in San Francisco has been an active buyer of late of low-power TV stations across the U.S. He's at it again. Ravi Kapur has just snagged a pair of LPTVs serving two of the Sunshine State's biggest markets. 

A Deep South CBS Affiliate Trades Hands

In a transaction that saw Kalil & Co. as the exclusive broker, a CBS affiliate serving Meridian, Miss., is being spun. The new owner is headed by Dr. Michael Hogan.

Nexstar’s Option? Adding Assets In Texarkana

On January 1, 2015, Nexstar Media Group agreed to an amended "put and call option agreement" with White Knight Holdings.  On July 6, 2021, Nexstar exercised its option, putting the wheels in motion on its acquisition of a MyNetwork TV-affiliated UHF serving northwest Louisiana, and its MyNet sibling serving Tyler-Longview, Tex.
Broadcast Tower

A Church Pluck Nets A Class A TV Property

Kerry Denny has secured the purchase of a Class A television station serving the Bayou State's second-largest market. The deal involves the sale of a non-commercial, religious facility from a church in the city.

MeTV Owner Buys Former NYC-area Affiliate

From Jan. 4, 2012 until fall 2015, it was the home of MeTV for the New York Tri-State area. The affiliation was dropped in favor of a new facility licensed to a town in New Jersey with coverage of the whole market. Now, MeTV is poised to return to a Bridgeport, Conn.-based digital UHF, as MeTV's owner is buying the station.

Gray Grabs A Tiny LPTV Property. Why?

Its a tiny town in Lewis County, Mo., that had under 550 residents in the 2010 U.S. Census. It's important enough of a locale for Gray Television to make a deal for a low-powered TV station based in this tiny burgh. There's a perfectly good reason it is buying the facility, when one looks at a map.

Landover 2 Spins An Unbuilt LPTV Property

Earlier this year, Laurence Zimmerman-led Landover Wireless drafted two transactions that saw the transfer of control of unbuilt LPTVs to Jeff Winemiller and his Lowcountry 34 Media. Now, Zimmerman's group is spinning an unbuilt LPTV property in Idaho. The buyer could use it to expand the markets where Evoca is being launched.

A FideliTV Find for a Florida Capital LPTV

A low-power television station serving the capital city of Florida is being sold. The buyer? It's been broadcasting on television since 1992 and launched an international television network in 2016. That offering is likely on the way for Tallahassee.

Weigel’s Dual-Market Bargain Win

Weigel Broadcasting, headed by Norman Shapiro, is expanding with a pair of unbuilt LPTV stations located in two key DMAs. It's a steal of a deal. And, guess who's the seller?

Gray Grabs A Western Colorado LPTV Property

In Grand Junction, Colo., Gray Television enjoys a formidable presence, with ownership of NBC/Telemundo/MeTV affiliate KKCO-11 and a low-power TV station that serves as the western Colorado market's home for ABC, Ion Network and The CW Network. Gray is adding another LPTV property to the mix.

Roseland Grabs More Unbuilt LPTVs from HC2

One month ago, a licensee headed by Matthew Davidge and Julie Huang agreed to purchase a trio of yet-to-be-constructed low-power TV stations serving small communities in Illinois, New Mexico and North Dakota, respectively. They've now struck a series of bigger deals with the entity that in May agreed to spin those three unbuilt LPTVs — HC2 Broadcasting.

Frank Copsidas Snags A Texas Hill Country LPTV Property

"SuperFrank" Copsidas has gained attention over the years for his television industry activity across New England. Now, he's decided to invest in a low-power TV station in a popular area of Texas due northwest of San Antonio.

Winemiller Spins Four LPTVs To A Zebra

Jeff Winemiller's Lowcountry 34 Media has decided to part ways with a low-power TV quartet in the Keystone State. He's earning a handsome sum from the divestment.
Not this Roseland, but a Roseland, just grabbed more HC2 LPTV spins.

Roseland Grabs A Trio Of LPTV CPs

Three unbuilt construction permits for low-power TV stations in Illinois, New Mexico and North Dakota, respectively, are being purchased by Roseland. OK, so most New Yorkers may only know the former Roseland Ballroom on 52nd Street. One Gothamate knows of another, and it's a Vice President at HC2 — the entity selling the facilities.
Adidas HQ in NE Portland, Ore.

A LPTV Trades Hands In Portland

In the not-too-distant past, Channel 36 in Salem, Ore., and Channel 26 in Portland, Ore., were simulcast partners offering Christian-themed television programming to Oregon's most populous areas. Now, the facility serving the Pacific Northwest's second-largest DMA is being spun. Who it is going to begs the question of how it will now be used.