Local TV News: The Info Medium Of Choice In COVID-19 Times

As concerns and restrictions around the novel coronavirus heighten in the U.S., consumers are gravitating to local news outlets to stay informed about the impact of the pandemic on their communities. While the U.S. began to experience the impact later than other parts of the world, a recent Nielsen analysis highlights a notable spike in local news viewing.

Nexstar Keeps Eye On Nine TV Stations

Nine television stations operated by Nexstar Media Group won't be participating in any "great affiliate swaps" forcing local TV viewers to find a new channel to watch such programs as "The Price is Right" or "NCIS."

Nielsen Execs Win RSU Grants, For A Future Payday

The CEO and top legal affairs man at Nielsen have each received an affirmative nod from the Compensation Committee on the company's board of directors on the awardance of performance-based restricted stock units and time-vesting restricted stock units, respectfully. The fair market value of the stock grants are in the millions of dollars.

NewsNet Giving Short-Term Affiliations To Interested Stations

NewsNet launched in January 2019 and follows a traditional “news wheel” format providing a quick look at the headlines every half hour. Now, it can be added via a short-term affiliation agreement as viewers continue to seek as much coronavirus pandemic coverage as possible.

Hearst Local TV Station COVID-19 Coverage Yields ‘Field Notes’

Coronavirus reporting from Hearst Television stations across 26 DMAs have been aggregated and are the basis for a new second Facebook Watch series launched today (3/23) by the company.

NBC News Audio Technician Dies After Positive COVID-19 Test

An audio technician for NBC News has died after testing positive for COVID-19. He was 61. According to his wife, the longtime employee suffered from other health issues.

Pro Tour Hiatus Prompts Tennis Channel To Debut Studio Show

Sinclair Broadcast Group's pay TV offering Tennis Channel, like all sports-focused audio and visual networks, found itself in a bind as all professional tennis tours are on hiatus due to the worldwide coronavirus containment effort. The company's solution? A daily three-hour program from a Los Angeles studio.

Hispanic Media Does Its Part To Offer COVID-19 Info

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting such Hispanic population hubs as New York and California, Spanish-language television broadcasters have stepped up their efforts to serve as a first destination to concerned citizens craving coronavirus updates in the language of their preference.

Nexstar Suffers A 30-Day Stock Meltdown

With Wednesday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, there was renewed carnage for some of broadcast media's best-known and biggest companies. The damage, however, for Nexstar Media Group on the Nasdaq Global Select exchange is particularly disturbing.

Urban One Delays Q4, Full-Year 2019 Earnings Release

By now, investors should have had their look and C-Suite assessment of Urban One's fourth quarter and full-year 2019 results. At 7:45pm Eastern Tuesday, the Washington, D.C.-based media company superserving African Americans put a hold on the release. It's not a COVID-19 related move.

MFM Nixes NYC Localism Event

MFM will provide notification if, and when, the event on political advertising featuring Advertising Analytics Partner Paul Winn is rescheduled. Meanwhile, planning for the organization’s 60th Annual Media Finance Focus, scheduled for late May at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, is continuing.

How Gray TV is Coping With COVID-19

On Friday, Gray Television sent an email detailing its protocols for employees regarding potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. This includes a new Special PTO policy and mandatory 14-day absence from the workplace in certain circumstances. To help employees, Gray's HR team distributed two slides "that illustrate the new protocols a bit more clearly than a text email can do."

FCC Easing Deadline for TV Stations in Auction Repack Phase 9

The coronavirus pandemic has led the FCC to allow any station scheduled to complete its post-spectrum auction transition to a new channel in Phase 9 that believes it may be unable to meet the May 1 deadline to apply for a waiver and reassignment to Phase 10.

COVID-19 Crisis Kills Cox/DISH Retrans Dispute

It took a pandemic to put a stop to a retransmission consent dispute that, by law, has blocked Cox Media Group stations from reaching DISH customers in 10 DMAs. The markets are those comprising what was Brian Brady's Northwest Broadcasting, now a part of Cox's “Terrier” assets.

COVID-19 Worries Kill NYC’s Upfront Parade

Year after year, on the Monday following Mother's Day, hundreds of advertising executives, CMOs, media buyers and broadcast TV C-Suiters engaged in a three-day cavalcade of hype, braggadocio, previews and promotional puffery in what has become the annual Upfront Week. This year, broadcast media's upfronts are gone. But, it is due to the growing global COVID-19 pandemic.

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