Entravision Communications Corporation

Entravision-Owned Headway Selects A New CEO

Since 2018, one of the key revenue drivers for Entravision Communications has been Headway, which serves as Entravision's programmatic advertising business unit. As of today, it has a new leader -- one charged with bringing digital revenue back into positive territory after a glum Q1.

ANA, Pharma Brands, Want Courts To Nix New Price Law

On July 9, new legislation that would require the nation's pharmaceutical companies to show the prices for their prescription drugs in every TV commercial is set to become law. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and three leading pharma companies have just sued the Trump administration in a unified effort to put a stop to the rules.
Auto / Buying a Car

How Important Is June For Auto Dealer Associations?

If the Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report is any indication of how advertising activity may predict sales expectations, June is shaping up to be a big guns-blazing month for the nation's automotive dealers. Spot counts are on the rise ahead of a fiscal year's end for many businesses.

Could A ‘Kerfuffle’ Between The FCC and NOAA Harm 5G?

Is an interagency kerfuffle between the FCC and NOAA a threat to the future of 5G wireless? AEI visiting fellow Shane Tews believes this could impact the rollout of 5G, and she spoke with ACT | The App Association Policy Counsel Joel Thayer on the subject.

FCC Affirms Denver Nod For SW Colorado County

With the support of “hundreds” of residents, La Plata County, Colo., successfully secured a market modification that signaled the delivery for the first time of Denver DMA stations. The FCC's decision was challenged. On Thursday, that decision was affirmed by the FCC.

NATPE Founder Lew Klein Dies

Klein, who has passed away at the age of 91, served as President of Gateway Communications, which owned four CBS affiliate stations in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. He was also at one time the executive producer of “American Bandstand.”

Frontier Communications: The Latest ATVA Member

One of the largest voices on Capitol Hill representing MVPDs who detest the rapidly rising retransmission fees benefiting broadcast TV station owners across the U.S. has just signed on a major rural telecom company as a member.

What Are The TV Performance Benchmarks For D2C Brands?

Direct to Consumer brands burst on to the scene powered by their forensic use of marketing analytics. Now those brands are applying the same science to TV advertising. New research shows that DTC brands are now one of the fastest growing groups of TV advertisers. 

What Are The Internet Trends of 2019?

The Code Conference, which concludes Wednesday at The Phoenician, has emerged as one of the world's premier tech industry gatherings. It's an invitation-only affair, but we've received a copy of the 2019 internet trends report from Mary Meeker. Here are the highlights.

TEGNA’s Dispatch Deal Gets Negative Wall St. Reaction

Well before Tuesday's Opening Bell on Wall Street, TEGNA announced that it has reached a deal with the Wolfe family to purchase the two TV stations it operates under its Dispatch Broadcast Group for more than a half-billion dollars. Investors soured on the news, selling TGNA shares on substantially high volume.
Dish Network

DirecTV and DISH Wedding? Here’s One Skeptic

UBS Telecom and Cable Analyst John Hodulik suggests that the best path taken for AT&T was to spin off DirecTV, and allow DISH Network to merge with it, forming a single direct broadcast satellite service in the U.S. A JPMorgan analyst is hardly in agreement.

NAB Says Yes To TV White Spaces Further NPRM

The NAB hasn't been too fond, historically, of Microsoft Corp.'s ideas regarding Television White Spaces to bring broadband internet access to America's rural areas. Now, it is saying it supports a FNPRM from the FCC, as this could fully vet Microsoft's plan.

Bevy Of Groups Wants FCC To Act On TV White Spaces FNPRM

A group of 25 rural broadband advocates has joined Connect Americans Now in filing comments urging the FCC to open a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) that facilitates the development and deployment of TV White Spaces (TVWS) technology.

ACA, NCTA To FCC: Equalize Reg Fees Imposed On MVPDs

Two pro-MVPD groups have called on the FCC to adopt a regulatory fee schedule for Fiscal Year 2019 in which Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) providers pay the same per-subscriber fee as cable operators and IPTV providers to support the FCC Media Bureau’s activities.

Here Comes ‘Auction 104’, For LPTV and Translator Stations

The Incentive Auction Task Force (IATF) and Media Bureau (MB), in conjunction with the Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA), have set the procedures, terms and conditions, and minimum opening bid amounts, for the upcoming auction of LPTV and TV translator CPs.

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