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NewsNation Beefs Up Its D.C. Coverage

Nexstar Media Group's MVPD-distributed channel formerly known as WGN America has bolstered its Washington, D.C., news coverage by bringing on a correspondent with experience covering politics in the Lone Star State -- in addition to social justice protests and Hurricane Harvey in Texas.
Anna Eshoo

If It’s Too Loud … A TV Commercial Is On?

A key Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has written to the FCC seeking an investigation into a rise in television commercial loudness complaints. Such concerns should have been erased in 2010, with President Obama's signing of a law introduced in Congress by this House E&C Member.
Corporation for public broadcasting logo

CPB Reveals Distribution Plan for ‘American Rescue Plan Act’ Funds

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)'s Board of Directors has unanimously approved a distribution plan for the $175 million of emergency stabilization funds for public media. These funds were included in the American Rescue Plan Act, which was signed into law on March 11.

Eshoo Asks, FCC Acts: ‘Loud TV Ads’ Public Comment Request Arrives

In recent months, jarring TV spots have reemerged at over-the-air and cable TV, leading a politician who 11 years ago authored legislation designed to quiet "Loud Ads" to seek -- for the second time -- an FCC investigation into the matter. The Commission has now agreed to do so.

Public TV Speaks On EAS NPRM

America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) and PBS on Tuesday shared their thoughts with the FCC in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on changes to the Emergency Alert System.
Brendan Day

The CPB Names a New Communications VP

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has selected the person who will be responsible for the development and implementation of "a multi-faceted communications and messaging strategy to advance awareness of public media and its value to American society." It is someone who worked for Nancy Pelosi for much of the 2000s.
The FCC Seal

FCC Reveals Eight TV License Expiry Notices

On February 1, television stations located in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were required to file applications for license renewal for terms expiring on June 1, 2021. Eight stations failed to file license renewal applications. A goodbye to said facilities is in the works, but can be prevented.

RTDNA Offers Insights On ‘A Dangerous Year in Journalism’

For the field journalist, unprecedented levels of verbal and physical violence came courtesy of civilians, police and even, the RTDNA says, "leaders we are meant to hold accountable." With that portrait as a backdrop, the RTDNA has released "2021 Newsrooms by the Numbers: Data From a Dangerous Year in Journalism."
Sen. Roger Wicker

Key Senate GOP Leaders Seek ‘Improving Spectrum Coordination Act’

The ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, Sen. Roger Wicker, has joined two Republican colleagues in introducing legislation that would require the FCC and the NTIA to update a memorandum of understanding that governs biannual meetings between the agencies to conduct joint spectrum planning.

An In-Person Broadcast Translators Conference Is Confirmed

It's official. The association representing the interests of broadcast media translator stations will be holding a live, in-person convention next month in Salt Lake City.

Should Biden & Co. Oversee FCC Economic Analyses?

In the view of American Enterprise Institute Visiting Scholar Mark Jamison, White House control of FCC regulatory analysis is a bad idea. A better idea, he says, is to set transparent standards for such analyses, including public review.
U.S. Congress

Congress’ Newest Radio Performance Royalty Opposition Emerges

A bipartisan coalition of 77 members of the House of Representatives and eight Senators have joined together to introduce resolutions in both bodies of Congress that oppose "any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge" on AM or FM radio in the U.S.
Pile of Money

The FCC Has Proposed Its Latest Regulatory Fees. Do You Agree?

It's only a proposal, and you have about a month to have your say with the FCC. And, your voice may be integral to thwart a regulatory fee increase proposed by the Commission. Among the ways the FCC seeks to get more cash from licensees: assessing regulatory fees for full service broadcast television using population-based methodology once again.
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Is A Baltimore City Attorney Seeking To Silence Reporting of Her?

The Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office has sent a formal complaint letter to the FCC against Sinclair Broadcast Group's flagship broadcast TV station, WBFF-45. It wants an investigation into the broadcasting practices and media content distributed by the station. The FOX affiliate calls the move an attack on a media source for its reporting on her.

BIA Study Singles Out Threats to Local Broadcast Journalism

BIA Advisory Services has conducted research focused on the "Economic Impact of Big Tech Platforms on the Viability of Local Broadcast News."  It found that each year broadcasters lose nearly $2 billion in value that they generate for two of the largest technology platforms through publication of their valuable content — particularly local news.
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