CBA makes a drastic recommendation


The Community Broadcasters Association is not at all pleased that a mandatory analog pass-through was not implanted for government-approved digital-to-analog converter boxes, and it is also convinced that the supply of boxes with the pass-through – which will be necessary to receive unconverted analog low power television stations off-air as of 2/17/09 – is currently inadequate. It is therefore recommending that consumers who view such stations, and who are holding a converter box coupon from the NTIA which is about to expire, go ahead and buy a converter box now. But make sure it comes with a comprehensive return policy. Keep the receipt, keep the converter box in its packaging, and exchange it for a box with an analog pass-through once they become available in your area.

RBR/TVBR observation: Supposedly the FCC and NTIA have made themselves aware which markets include a significant amount of LPTV viewing, and will take steps to make sure pass-through boxes are stocked in adequate supply. If this is a problem in your market, we would not waste one second in bringing the matter to both agencies, to say nothing of local electronics retailers. No LPTV should be left behind in this transition, nor should any LPTV viewer.