CBA not happy with FCC


The Community Broadcasters Association feels that the LPTV’s and Class A’s it reprepresents have basically been forgotten while the FCC pursued a DTV transition that they should be a part of. Now it believes the FCC is going to further muddy their business by opening first-come first served application windows for LPTV’s, Class A’s and TV translators that will make it even harder for existing operators to make the switch. Writing on CBA’s behalf, Fletcher Heald Hildreth attorney Peter Tannenwald says such a proposal would punish those who prepared and reward those who did not; and would favor LPTVs and translators over the Class A’s that by statute produce the most local programming; and would bog down the process for years by inviting a flood of applications.

He makes his case in the attached pdf: See attachments box in the top right column.