CBS and Fox return to NAB


The National Association of Broadcasters feels whole again – departed major networks CBS and Fox have returned to the fold, meaning that all of the big players in the network television business are once again working as a team.

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith was happy to welcome them back. “Today is a great day for broadcasting, for NAB, and for the tens of millions of Americans who rely every day on CBS, FOX and other broadcast programming for highly-valued content. Both CBS and FOX currently have superb advocacy arms in Washington. We are delighted by their vote of confidence in the NAB team, and we look forward to presenting a seamless display of broadcast unity inside the Beltway. Our challenges are many, but the mission of free and local broadcasting remains a worthy cause.”

CBS brings 29 television stations and 130 radio stations into the fold; Fox brings in 27 O&O television stations. The NAB’s television network lineup now includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ION Media Networks, Telemundo, and Univision.

Fox Television Stations CEO Jack Abernethy commented, “The interests of our industry, our company and our viewers are best served by speaking with one voice on Capitol Hill, at the FCC and in the Courts. We look forward to working with Gordon Smith and the other member companies of the NAB toward our common goal of enhancing the enduring values of over-the-air television.”

“As the media landscape evolves ever more rapidly, over-the-air broadcasting faces a number of clear opportunities and some significant challenges,” added Martin D. Franks, EVP Planning, Policy and Government Affairs for CBS. “One of the very best ways to address these issues is through a resurgent NAB under Gordon Smith’s leadership. We look forward to adding CBS’s voice to NAB’s efforts to preserve and enhance broadcasting on behalf of the public we serve.”

Abernathy and Franks will both join the NAB Board of Directors.