CBS buys EcoMedia for local green projects


CBS Corp. has acquired EcoMedia, LLC, an organization that brings together public institutions and municipalities with private industry advertisers and local media to generate funding for projects to improve the environment. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

The announcement was made by Leslie Moonves, President and CEO of CBS Corp.. Moonves also announced that EcoMedia’s CEO and Founder, Paul Polizzotto, will serve as President of EcoMedia, and continue to lead the new division, which will retain its name.

Since 2008, CBS and EcoMedia, working as partners, have engaged in a wide variety of environmental projects in CBS’s local markets. And with this acquisition, CBS now incorporates EcoMedia’s innovative model and offerings into all of its operating units, including television, online, radio, publishing and outdoor.

“We want to be a catalyst for getting actual bricks-and-mortar ‘greening’ projects done that will improve the quality of life in the local communities we serve,” said Moonves. “We have seen firsthand EcoMedia’s work on the ground with environmental projects throughout the country and we’re very pleased to now fully integrate EcoMedia into the fabric of CBS.”

Prior to founding EcoMedia, Paul Polizzotto was recognized for his work helping municipalities to clean waterways.  He based EcoMedia on an innovative new concept of sustainable media – a way to help companies achieve community outreach objectives while making a tangible difference to the environment. 

CBS and EcoMedia teamed up in 2008 to launch the CBS-EcoZone Green Schools Initiative in San Francisco, Miami and the suburban Chicago area, which raised more than $650,000 worth of products and services for green projects and technologies to give a winning school in each city a “green makeover.” For its work in the city of Miami, EcoMedia received the 2009 US Council of Mayors’ top honor, the Excellence in Public/Private Partnerships Award. 

“EcoMedia’s innovative model of sustainable media adds a unique and exciting dimension to CBS Radio’s sales offering.  We will work closely with EcoMedia to address the specific needs of our advertisers’ green initiatives and objectives and, with their guidance, we will look to create groundbreaking ways to help educate our many listeners and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve throughout the country.”  Dan Mason, President and CEO, CBS Radio