CBS creates "tasty" ad for "Cane"


CBS announced it has created a first of its kind print ad for a television series that tastes like a non-alcoholic lime mojito.  The ad, which promotes the fictional Duque Rum brand featured in the new series "Cane," will appear in the fall entertainment preview edition of Rolling Stone. 
The concept for the print ad was developed by the CBS Marketing Group and Initiative Media. They created a promo showcasing the Duque Rum brand alongside a tamper-proof taste packet.  The insert includes a thin, tamper evident pouch with a non alcoholic lime mojito-flavored dissolving taste strip which will enable them to enjoy the full-flavor taste experience of a rum mojito, without any of the sugar, calories or alcohol. 

The two page ad promotes the season premiere of Cane while driving consumers to a website, created exclusively to promote the series.  The site will also offer visitors a unique opportunity to enter a search for "The Duque Rum Girl," who will be cast in an upcoming episode of "Cane."