CBS flips Mega to La Grande in Dallas


CBS RadioCBS Radio Dallas-Fort Worth debuted 7/26 La Grande 107.5 FM, featuring Regional Mexican hits. It was Spanish AC KMVK (Mega 107.5). Marconi Radio Award-winning personality Edgar “ShoBoy” Sotelo now hosts mornings. Afternoon drive features “Pelos Parados” from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Additional on-air staff are t/b/a.

“La Grande 107.5 FM brings together some of Spanish radio’s most talented on-air personalities with the very best in Regional Mexican music,” said Jimmy Gonzalez, Program Director for La Grande 107.5 FM and Vice President, Spanish Programming, for CBS Radio.  “It all starts with ‘ShoBoy En La Mañana.’ Edgar’s positive energy and enthusiasm set the tone for the entire station.”

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  1. YOu probably had good reasons for this change, but you already lost one listener, this new radio program is terrible. It hurts my ears the music that is beaing playing now……

    terrible choice , there are already thousands of radios with regional/mex musica, why do you need to add another one!!!!

  2. I second that Maria! I left on vacation and came back to what thought was an error on my radio tuning. And to my discovery- you have changed the platform of La Mega it a huge mistake!! I have already deprogrammed 107.5 from my radio.

    Good Bye La Mega. It was amazing while it lasted.

  3. KMVK has never been worth listening to except for the low bit-rate digital format called “The Oasis”. Even The Oasis could be better because you can not reproduce the sound of a saxophone with such a low bit-rate. A saxophone over a low bit-rate digital channel is painful to hear. Regarding the stupid Spanish format: This format is not serving the public and it not in the public interest. CBS should lose the license for not programming for those who are here legally.

    • You are truly ignorant. Although I believe that the change in programming was a mistake, your statement is solely based on racism. I am an United States citizen and a U.S Soldier. Born and raised here with Mexican decent. My parents came to the states legally as well.I I love mexican music. For your knowledge, Spanish based music in not broadcasted for illegal immigrants. ANYONE can listen and like ANY type of music. I would recommend being more open minded and remembering what this country was founded by. This nation is the greatest because of our diversity, the last thing we need is more racist jerks like yourself.

      • Usually it is the person who claims “racism” who is the racist. “Jerk” would seem to describe you. Your English needs a little improvement so keep working on it. English is the language of success. Let’s hope, fuzzy, that you will make it to PFC before you retire.

  4. I am totally agreed with the first two coments above as this was one of the best radio stations with all the variety of good music such as bachata, pop and the most English speaking popular songs … Man You guys ruined!!! Like me I know there should be thousands of people that chose La Mega over any other station because the music, of course I love shoboy’s morning show as well as pelos parado’s mixes but if I want to listen regional music I just change to la q buena!!! Please do something to bring the good music back to La Mega

  5. In my eyes the switch was a complete mistake. At first I thought that the programming was messed up in my radio. I’m sure there were reasons for the change, however what ever the reasons were, they are not good enough for me. I no longer have 107.5 (was #1 programmed)set in my radio. This is a sad day for me as this was the number one station I listened to every single day most of the day. I guess its going to be Pandora radio for now for me.

  6. What a big mistake! 107.5 La Mega was my favorite radio station. Like many others I am deleting it from my radio set up

  7. I agree with you 100% this music sucks bad… La Mega was the best spanish radio station in Dallas and it hurts alot of people that the station has been changed!!!! Please bring back it was my reason to wake up in the morning I dont think you know how badly you have affects a lot hispanics!!!

  8. La mega was the only radio station in Spanish that I listen. Now I don’t even care about listen radio. I am bringing my MP3 to my car.

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