CBS gets first US Susan Boyle interview


RBR/TVBR may be the last publication in the world to get around to writing about international singing sensation Susan Boyle. CBS News’ “The Early Show” has claimed the coup of getting the first US television interview with the Scottish woman who was, until a few days ago, unknown outside her home village.

After Boyle’s debut on ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent,” the UK sister of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” the videos posted on YouTube have gotten more than 18 million views.

Early Show co-host Harry Smith called Boyle “the biggest success story that Blackburn, Scotland, has ever seen,” which may be quite an understatement, before he and Maggie Rodriguez interviewed the 48-year-old woman live from her modest home. Unaccustomed to the international media spotlight, Boyle didn’t make eye contact with the camera and gave only brief responses to the questions being asked in her earpiece by people thousands of miles away. But she lit up when asked to do what she truly loves to do – sing. The video, courtesy of CBS News’ The Early Show, is below.

Also below is the show’s follow-up interview with Broadway star Patti Lupone who starred as “Fantine” in the original cast of “Les Misérables” when it premiered in London in 1985. Thus, she first sang “I Dreamed a Dream,” the song Boyle performed on “Britain’s Got Talent.” The video is also courtesy of CBS News’ The Early Show.

RBR/TVBR observation:
Reality television competition shows produce a winner each season. Some have staying power and some do not, as shown by the varying success of Fox’s “American Idol” winners. We have no doubt that Simon Cowell – yes, this British show is his doing – will make a ton of money after signing Boyle to a recording contract.

If you have not heard her sing follow the link below to hear her performance from the show “Britain’s Got Talent”.