CBS Mobile, FremantleMedia partner for TPIR game


CBS Mobile announced it has teamed up with FremantleMedia Enterprises, the brand extension arm of The Price is Right producer FremantleMedia, to launch an interactive "Win-At-Home" game that brings the longest-running game show’s experience to viewers at home.  The 10-week campaign will offer viewers the chance to win prizes three times a week from their home by calling into the show using any phone, with no transaction charge.

Powered by Telescope, TPIR "Win-At-Home" game uses IVR (interactive voice response) technology, allowing anyone with a phone to extend the TPIR experience by becoming a participant.

During the broadcast, viewers watching TPIR at home will be shown a prize and invited to call a toll-free number to participate in the "Win-At-Home" game.  After listening to a ten-second promo for the "Win-At-Home" game prize, callers will hear three different MSRP options to guess from.  Using the phone keypad, callers are prompted to select one out of three choices they think is closest to the prize’s actual MSRP.  Callers who guess correctly are instantly entered into the sweepstakes to win that same prize.

After playing the "Win-At-Home" game, all participants have the opportunity to hear special offers at the end of the call.  This option connects participants with select offers that are tailored to meet the audience’s interests based on user-feedback.

The Sweepstakes began Monday and will run three days a week.