CBS Outdoor launches a text messaging platform for advertisers


CBS Outdoor has launched an innovative text messaging (or SMS) capability for its advertisers’ media campaigns. The program, called txt2go, will include a text keyword on advertiser signage that the public can use to access marketing messages from the client, including special offers and promotions. The interactive feature enhances an advertiser’s ability to connect with prospects and deliver messages with more relevance and a measurable ROI, in addition to building a long-term database of interested consumers.

In launching txt2go, CBS Outdoor becomes the nation’s very first out-of-home media company to provide a complete text messaging solution for its clients. The add-on feature creates an affordable new avenue for advertisers looking to package into their media features like digital couponing, sweepstakes, direct response and point of purchase. The technology will allow advertisers to track responses to their marketing in real time.

txt2go is a simplified process whereby an advertiser of virtually any size can add a text messaging code to his ad campaign.  Designed to enhance not only the outdoor component, the text capability can exist across all of the advertisers’ media outlets — overlaying a measurable direct response element to the campaign  In addition to simplifying the process,  CBS Outdoor txt2go is very cost-friendly, as little as $225 for up to 500 responses.  Clients will be able to see the real time performance of their campaign on the CBS Outdoor Mobile Website. It takes only a few days to have the client’s campaign up and running.

CBS Outdoor chose Rip Road to power its mobile platform;  Rip Road provides innovative mobile technology to leading media companies and brands across the US.