CBS Outdoor, MTA pact for subway entrance signage


CBS OutdoorCBS Outdoor and the New York MTA transit system, installed a new network of 100 state-of-the-art digital displays at NYC Transit subway station entrances around Manhattan. The addition improves the ability to communicate with millions of passengers each day, and offers up new inventory for transit advertising.

Installation of the new digital “Urban Panel” network became operational on 2/28, consisting of 100 double-sided displays. Both sides include paid advertising messages, while the side facing subway entrances also includes passenger info including route changes and other important messages from the MTA. Data is transmitted via 3G cellular modems.

“These urban panels provide both dynamic platforms for advertisers and the ability to communicate with our customers,” said MTA Senior Director of Corporate and Internal Communications Paul Fleuranges. “The screens will provide added revenue to the MTA and will soon be able to provide real-time service information to our customers before they get to the platform.”


  1. To the author:

    Do you know how the individual sites are being fed? I was wondering if they might be utilizing broadcast spectrum and the wireless capabilities of digital mobile TV.



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