CBS pulls out all the stops for PA gubernatorial debate


CBSPennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) will face challenger Tom Wolf (D) in an event called “Breakfast with the Candidates” 10/1/14. It will be carried on CBS television, radio and internet assets.

The event will be aired from 8-9AM eastern.

It will be heard on KYW Newsradio 1060, it will be seen and heard on CW WPSG-TV, will be streamed live at and will be rebroadcast the following Sunday by CBS KYW-TV.

“We are pleased to give the candidates the opportunity to present their positions on the critical political issues that affect our state and provide this vital information to the public,” says Jon Hitchcock, president and general manager of CBS 3 and The CW Philly, “which is why we wanted to present this program across all of the CBS platforms — radio, television and digital.”

“Breakfast with the Candidates has a long history of allowing candidates to discuss the issues in a conversational format that we believe gets beyond the sound bite,” adds Marc Rayfield, senior vice president and market manager for CBS RADIO. “We’re proud to bring that unique opportunity to the gubernatorial race.”

RBR-TVBR observation: The proud broadcast tradition of providing face-to-face platforms for candidates is a perfect example of both localism and serving the public interest. It is also the perfect antidote to the often questionable and sometimes toxic content of political advertising.

Thanks, CBS, for doing this – and the more of this type of event that broadcasters provide, the better!

We note in passing that it is the nature of some politicians to turn down such opportunities to present their case to the public. Some politicians are too timid, or have too much to hide, or are invested in a run-out-the-clock strategy, so that such interaction with voters is avoided at all costs.

It is our fervent wish that such candidates be drummed out of office by an outraged electorate. Sigh….