CBS Radio adding markets via HD for WBZ, WFAN, KROQ, KSCF


A great idea for HD Radio multicast use: Bring popular stations from one market to another. CBS Radio is bringing four of its most recognizable and listened to stations to HD Radio receivers in a number of markets outside of their broadcast area. Beginning 10/30, New York’s WFAN Sportsradio 66 The Fan, the most listened to sports station in the country will be available to listeners in three Florida cities.  WOCL-FM HD3 (105.9) in Orlando, WLLD-FM HD3 (94.1) in Tampa and WEAT-FM HD3 (104.3) in West Palm Beach. They will all carry WFAN’s sports programming. 

The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles, the nation’s most listened to rock station, also launched in the San Diego area through KSCF-FM HD2 (103.7) on 10/30.  In turn, KSCF-FM (Sophie @103.7) has been made available to Los Angeles audiences via KAMP-FM HD2 (97.1).  Early next month, sports fans in Hartford will find WBZ-FM, The Sports Hub, on their local WTIC-FM HD3 (96.5).

RBR-TVBR observation: This should be studied—for ad sales. While some may say this is just another reason HD Radio is underperforming in many markets and that they should be programming and marketing new local format ideas, in reality, this may be very sell-able in these other markets. With HD Radio multicast channels, if you can come up with a way to monetize them, do it. We’re all still in the experimental phase here, and this is a great way to test if “super stations” from other markets can be sold locally in others.