CBS Radio, Journal, Post Newsweek adding retail platform


Coupons are a big business these days in the U.S., considering the economic straits we’re in. To compete against the Groupon invasion, a few major media groups will be offering consumers coupons on their websites through partnerships with Partners include Journal Broadcasting, CBS Radio, Post Newsweek TV and Cordillera Communications. is a “coupon and deal” site that offers consumers savings and special offers ranging from big-box retailers like Target, Sears, and Nordstrom’s to local merchants, as well as access to printable, local coupons through its partnership with Valpak. The partners will integrate’s retail platform into their network of sites, giving visitors access to savings, deals and special offers. The platform interfaces with the host site, creating an integrated and visually seamless experience via a “coupon and deal” shopping button that offers deals, coupons, travel, auction, and price comparison mechanisms geared to helping shoppers save money and find deals.

RBR-TVBR asked COO Mike Palso: How does eDeals compare to Groupon and how does it allow broadcasters to compete locally against the Groupon invasion?

“The platform enables our Media partners to leverage their already existing site traffic, consumer reach, and brand power to fully monetize all types of offers. We not only provide the ability for local deal-of-the-day offers, but rather an entire national and local content offering.  Moreover, has more than 8,000 online merchant relationships offering exclusive coupons, deals and product discounts.  This is an instant content upgrade for the media companies.”

He added, “We have built a flexible platform which will extend and augment any local offerings that currently exist. With input and direction from radio, TV and print media, our local platform has been designed specifically with their needs in mind. The platform allows media partners to leverage our existing relationships while continuing to forge new ones.  The values each present are mutually exclusive; by working together there is a greater revenue opportunity. We believe it is a win-win partnership.”

The new partnerships will cover 37 TV stations and 40+ radio stations in markets including Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Boise, Knoxville, Milwaukee, Omaha, Springfield, Tucson, Tulsa and Wichita, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, San Antonio and Boise. Under the terms of the deal, partners get a 50/50 commission split.