CBS Radio makes it easy to purchase streaming ads


CBS RadioIt’s a new online platform for small business buy streaming radio ads: “Audio AdCenter” ( is billed as a new and affordable tool developed by CBS Local Digital Media, to help advertisers purchase online audio advertising on some of the nation’s most listened to radio stations.  The self-serve platform enables small businesses to promote and target their products with customized messaging and creative copy.

Local businesses who can choose to reach listeners of one or more of CBS Radio’s 125 online streams from station’s located in top markets across the country, including all of the Top 10.

Here’s how it works: By following the on-screen prompts, advertisers can create a campaign that meets the diverse objectives and needs of their company, at the click of a button.  30-second ads can be purchased to run during specific times of day with a frequency set by the client.

“Our online and mobile audiences are particularly engaged and active listeners, making it a perfect environment for an advertiser,” said Anton Guitano, CBS Local Media COO.  “We’re excited to offer this proven marketing opportunity to small business owners, and establish an additional resource for CBS Radio to monetize its exclusive content.”

Added Ezra Kucharz, President, CBS Local Digital Media, “Streaming audio is a very effective form of advertising and does not have to be limited to the companies with the biggest budgets. With Audio AdCenter, business owners can align themselves with the most trusted radio brands with millions of listeners between them to choose from.”

Customization features of Audio AdCenter include:

•           the option to choose from a library of over 2,000 audio ads, or create your own;

•           pick the city, station and daypart during which the ad runs;

•           select a personalized bronze, silver, gold or platinum level package based on price and reach;

•           determine the start date and how long the campaign will remain active.

RBR-TVBR observation: The good news here is CBS Radio can better compete with Pandora’s sales offices across the nation for streaming audio campaigns. The bad news is that it potentially removes available inventory from the menu that AEs are bringing to radio clients locally. Either way, having the system automated like this is going to be (should be) more price-competitive than pitches from other streamers.