CBS Radio tops in online ratings


August’s comScore Arbitron Online Radio Ratings have again shown CBS Radio  to be the No. 1 online radio provider.  This is the third month that CBS Radio has been measured by comScore following the company’s partnership with AOL Radio in June, and the third month that the company held the top spot.  In addition to surpassing the competition, CBS Radio also saw an increase of nearly 9% in Average Quarter Hour Persons (AQH Persons) from the month of June to the month of August.  Furthermore, the company saw large increases from month to month in Cume Persons, achieving a more than 26% increase from June to August.


MONDAY- SUNDAY 6AM-Midnight, All Persons
Average Week in August
  AQH Persons Cume Persons TSL H|M
Total RL Radio Network 450,800 5,080,800 11h 11m
CBS Radio 225,000 2,405,800 11h 47m
LAUNCHcast Radio 134,400 1,192,200 14h 12m
Live 365 36,500 439,600 10h 27m
RL Select Tier 46,200 1,043,200 5h 35m
Clear Channel 95,900 1,326,800 9h 07m
TargetSpot Internet Radio Network 285,400 3,478,000 10h 20m