CBS Writers pointing at 12/20 strike date


News writers for CBS are ”strongly considering" a Dec. 10 strike date, casting doubt on whether the network will be able to air its planned presidential debate, reported CBS.

A spokeswoman for the WGA told CBS that no date has been officially set, but that Dec. 10 "is a date that we are strongly considering."
Several Democratic presidential candidates-including Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, John Edwards and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton–have said they would not cross a picket line to participate in a debate.

Meantime, according The Drudge Report, CBS execs and Katie Couric are meeting to discuss whether to cancel the debate.

Yesterday, CBS reported internal CBS emails began to circulate saying that members of the writer’s union were notified of a strike date. However the WGA later said that no specific date had been set and that no official email had been sent. The writers working for both the CBS network newscasts and local news stations have been working without a contract for more than 2 years.