CC Radio adds eRockster to 15 HD stations


Starting today, CC Radio’s awesome Indie Rock/variety eRockster HD-2 format will be exposed to a weekly online audience of nearly 500K unique visitors and a streaming CUME of 120K persons weekly—they’re adding it to 15 stations this week. See which stations:

•         WHTZ-FM (New York)
•         WAXQ-FM (New York)
•         KDGE-FM (Dallas)
•         KTBZ-FM (Houston)
•         WKLS-FM (Atlanta)
•         KTCL-FM (Denver)
•         KTCZ-FM (Minneapolis)
•         WRXS-FM (Columbus)
•         WEND-FM (Charlotte)
•         KZEP-FM (San Antonio)
•         WPLA-FM (Jacksonville)
•         WURH-FM (Hartford)
•         WRZX-FM (Indianapolis)
•         KYRK-FM (New Orleans)

eRockster is already available via (WWDC-FM, Wash DC), (WRFF-FM, Philly), (KYSR-FM, LA) and via

See our original article on eRockster

See the eRockster video, which shows an analog station takeover at the Coachella Indie Rock concert event in Palm Springs (note our article is briefly displayed there towards the beginning).