CC Radio expands Total Traffic Network with predictive content


Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network and INRIX announced the first traffic broadcast to include predictive traffic info. The companies also announced they’ve extended their relationship through 2015. Called Total Traffic HD Plus, Clear Channel Radio’s HD Radio data service provides the industry with a faster, better-quality and less expensive alternative to satellite-based approaches. Total Traffic HD Plus goes beyond incident avoidance to enable true traffic-influenced routing and more accurate travel times for navigation.   

Delivering traffic info at speeds 10 times faster than other broadcast and satellite solutions, Total Traffic HD Plus includes INRIX’s advanced traffic information and driver services, including: 

Real Time Traffic Flow – Real-time speeds and congestion on over 260,000 miles of roads covering all major metropolitan areas and connecting highways across North America

Predictive Traffic Flow – Traffic forecasts and travel times based on the current traffic conditions and sophisticated analysis of how those same conditions are expected to change over time.

Traffic-influenced Key Route Travel Times – Key route travel times provide a snapshot of current and forecasted traffic conditions on major travel routes in each city.

Fuel Prices – Pricing and availability of fuel from over 110,000 gas stations nationwide.

JVC is the first to adopt Total Traffic HD Plus. Current Total Traffic customers include BMW, TomTom, Aston Martin, Mazda, Volvo, Garmin and Clarion. Nearly 1 million consumers benefit from the current broadcast service which delivers rich, dynamic content for in-car services over Clear Channel Radio’s RDS-TMC broadcast network.

The combined content solution of Clear Channel Radio Total Traffic Network and INRIX monitors the United States and Canada for traffic flow updates each minute, with real-time traffic speed reporting on over 260,000 miles of roadway. The system uses information from INRIX’s fusion of crowd-sourced traffic speeds transmitted in real-time from over 2 million GPS-equipped vehicles, traditional traffic sensors, and data from electronic toll tags. In addition, more than 400 Clear Channel operators in 65 operations centers monitor the roadways for traffic incidents and congestion information via on-street reporters, traffic cameras, tip lines, mobile units and police scanners that provide the “reasons why” traffic jams or congestion occur.