Who Wants To Keep The Spectrum Transition Timeframe?


In reply comments filed with the FCC on Tuesday, the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) encouraged the Commission to facilitate a “prompt and efficient” post-incentive auction transition by adopting a transition plan that keeps intact the statuatorily-driven 39-month timeframe.

CCA said it supports the commission’s four goals for its transition plan and in particular, urged the FCC to move forward with its primary goal to prioritize clearing of the 600 MHz band. 

But, ensuring the transition plan doesn’t get delayed is paramount to the industry association, which represents the competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the U.S. bidding in Stage 3 of the reverse auction.

Round 26 commences at 10 a.m. today (11/16).

“Spectrum is the lifeblood of the wireless industry; I strongly urge the Commission to clear the 600 MHz band as efficiently as possible and to reject any requests to delay the Congressionally-based, FCC-established 39-month transition period,” said CCA President/CEO Steven K. Berry.  “Many competitive carriers have dedicated significant resources to acquiring low-band spectrum in the auction and should have timely access to this valuable resource for the benefit of their businesses, the economy, and most especially, consumers.” 

Berry added that, in addition to clearing the 600 MHz band as promptly as possible, the FCC should relax prohibited communications rules “to better facilitate a seamless transition.”

He added, “There is ample support from carriers, broadcasters and tower companies in favor of allowing open coordination about post-auction issues to ensure a safe and successful post-auction transition.  The FCC certainly is moving in the right direction with its proposed Transition Plan, and I look forward to continued work with the Commission to achieve its transition goals.”