CCAGW PAC runs ads supporting McCain


The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGWPAC) unveiled an ad it is running in four swing-state media markets across the country.

The thirty-second ad runs on cable between 10/6 and Sunday, October 19, 2008 in: Columbus, Ohio; Richmond, Virginia; Hampton County, Virginia (the Norfolk-Portsmouth area); Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Orange County, Florida (the Orlando-Daytona Beach area). It will run a total of 1,014 times during programming on cable stations such as TNT, ESPN, Lifetime, and the USA Network. The ads are estimated to reach 930,707 adults aged 35 or older, or 41 percent of the 35 and older population, in these cable markets.

The ads point out Sen. McCain’s anti-pork barrel spending record during his 25-year career in the U.S. Senate and contrasts it with Sen. Barack Obama’s record on congressional pork-barrel earmarking.