CEA applauds regulators on DTV


Even though FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s agency has been hitting members of the Consumer Electronics Association with fines and consent decrees, the organization is generally upbeat about the FCC’s and NTIA’s strategy in dealing with the rapidly-approaching demise of analog television. "We thank Chairman Martin and Acting Administrator Baker for their dedication to the firm DTV transition date and we commend their leadership in promoting consumer education. Already three-quarters of Americans are aware of the DTV transition, but CEA is aware that continued consumer education is crucial to ensuring a successful transition for all TV viewers, said CEA SVP Michael Petricone. He also promised that the CEA would continue to promote the transiation to DTV. "CEA will continue its successful private/public partnerships to educate consumers, which have already raised consumer awareness by 80 percent over the past 18 months. In addition to consumer resources on www.DigitalTips.org, CEA has prepared a toolkit for members of Congress and has led numerous grassroots education initiatives that directly reach consumers."