Cellular South rolls out TV campaign


Cellular South launched a new campaign that showcases true-life customer stories about the quality, reliability and coverage of its nationwide wireless communications network. The campaign features three customer stories that are an outgrowth of a recently concluded six-week long user generated video contest that encouraged customers to create and submit short videos about how they rely on the company’s nationwide network for all of their important voice and data communications.

The "Your Network-Your Stories" video contest set customer participation records for a user-generated video program with over 65 entries. The company awarded $21,000 in prize money to six weekly winners of the contest along with a $10,000 grand prize winner, a $2,000 second place winner and a $1,000 third place entry.

As an outgrowth of the contest, Richmond said the company developed the three compelling true-life stories into 30 second commercials that aired for the first time during the SuperBowl. In one segment, Ross Taylor, a 15-year-old high school student at Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson, Mississippi, loses his Cellular South mobile phone in the woods while deer hunting in remote Claiborne County. Taylor returns two days later and, using a friend’s Cellular South mobile phone, tracks down and recovers the phone by calling the number and relying the company’s strong network coverage and signal.

The other two segments focus on a Memphis businessman who moves from California and his spotty mobile phone service with another carrier to Memphis, switches to Cellular South and now has nationwide service with no dropped calls and a paramedic for a private ambulance firm in the Mississippi Delta who relies on the Cellular South network to call in critical patient reports to local doctors, hospitals and urgent care centers.