Census gearing up for ad buy


The U.S. Census Bureau is getting ready to drop $133M into an advertising campaign designed to boost participation in the 2010 once-in-a-decade count of the US population, along with the gathering of various vital statistics. The outlines of the multimedia effort will be revealed in a special session 1/14/10, moderated by CBS’s James Brown.

Census Bureau Director Robert Groves will unveil elements of the campaign, which will involve television, radio, print, online and outdoor advertisements.

There will also be other related outreach elements, including the Census in Schools program, “Portrait of America” Road Tour, and partnership aiming to reach hard-to-count populations.

The campaign is being called “the most extensive and diverse outreach campaign in U.S. history.” In fact, 28 separate languages are involved in the campaign.

There are solid benefits for the government, and the citizens funding the government, if the campaign is successful. The Census Bureau says that for every positive 1% bump it can generate in the initial response, it will save $85M in follow-up costs.