Census gets key Republican operative into the cooperation act


There is a long-standing tradition of battling undercounts in the Census among minority groups, and the Census Bureau takes that into account every ten years when it mounts its effort to tally the number of citizens in US. This year, conservative citizens, many in the Tea Party movement, are reluctant to participate, but the latest Census advertising star may help turn them into willing participants.

The new star is none other than Karl Rove, famous for guiding the highly successful political career of George W. Bush. Rove has since moved on as an analyst of cable’s Fox News Network.

In his on-camera appearance, Rove assures citizens that the current Census form is barely different than the one issued under Constitutional authority back in 1790. Rove invokes the name of Founding Father, 4th President and principle Constitution author James Madison is making his case.

According to a Yahoo report, “98-year-old Dorothy Height, a civil rights hero, is also appearing in an ad aimed at the African American community.