Census reveals media use percentages


Traditional media will have the dominant role in the 2010 Census campaign to build awareness and encourage participation in this year’s population count. Television will be the top venue, followed by radio, newspaper and out of home. Online is a distant fifth, but still will get the nod over magazines.

The numbers: television (52%); radio (16%); newspaper (13%); out-of-home (8%), online (7%); magazine (4%).

There will be a slight 52%-48% edge given to national over local; and 56% of the campaign will be aimed at hard-to-count ethnic groups, with the remaining 44% aimed at a diverse mass-media crowd.

The first part of the campaign, running in January and February, is designed to promote awareness, and the goal is to get 10+ impressions per citizen. The motivation segment, in March and April, will seek to double the impressions per citizen. The third phase of the campaign, in May and June, will encourage cooperation with census workers going door-to-door to get information from non-responders.