CEO chats up Chairman on auction


Gordon SmithNAB President/CEO Gordon Smith has long professed broadcast support for the incentive auction, and on Thursday 2/5/15, he shared key NAB thoughts with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Smith pledged the NAB’s ongoing support for “…a voluntary, market-based broadcast incentive auction that produces a successful outcome for all stakeholders.”

Smith said that the NAB and other allied business and organizations will be increasing their advocacy as the FCC puts incentive auction matters out for public comment.

In addition to allowing the market to be the foundation upon which the auction is built, NAB wants it to be as simple as possible. To that end, it hopes to see a simplified incentive auction.

Smith also mentioned the NAB’s current lawsuit in the District Circuit Court in which NAB seeks to assure that broadcasters come out of repacking with the same market coverage with which they entered. He expressed the NAB’s hope that the case will be resolved swiftly.

In publicizing the summary of the ex parte phone conversation, NAB concluded, “We look forward to continuing to work with the Commission and its staff to ensure a successful auction.”