CES: Cisco, Windows Mobile devices add RadioTime tuner


At CES today, RadioTime announced it has added functionality for Windows Mobile devices. RadioTime and Weather Underground, the nation’s first online weather service, announced are bringing the best-selling iPhone radio application to mobile phones and other wireless devices running on the Windows Mobile platform. WunderRadio Windows Mobile provides users access to streaming internet radio programs powered by RadioTime’s extensive guide. Both also support Real Networks streams.

Cisco also announced that the Radio Time Guide will be on its family of Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio products. The RadioTime tuner in the Cisco home audio products provides users the ability to search for and listen to stations and separate audio programs from around the globe.

RadioTime provides a simple quick way find local, national, or global radio programming airing on more than 50,000 AM/FM and internet radio stations.  Listeners can use RadioTime to automatically detect what is airing on their local stations, browse by affiliates like ESPN or RadioIO, and search for specific programs or on-air personalities, not just station call letters or genre.

Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime, tells RBR RadioTime allows easy station and program navigation on mobile devices: “If you have a PC, you can use the keyboard to search. With these other devices, you are really stuck with browsing—up, down, left, right. When you combine that with a huge amount of selections, the navigation problem is hard, but it is very important. So we’ve put a lot of effort into solving that problem. It’s not that RadioTime just has a great selection of stations, we also have the radio programs that are on—equivalent to a television program guide—and make it really simple to find and listen to them.”

One of the most popular features, Moore tells us, is that the local radio dial shows up automatically, no matter where you are—using GPS and your IP address.

RadioTime provided access to more than 10 million listening sessions in December.  75% of all listeners used web-connected digital home and mobile devices that feature RadioTime Guide as the internet radio tuners, the remaining 25% used an Internet browser to access the Guide on the RadioTime website.