CES: HD Radio enters real-time traffic


iBiquity Digital announced entry into the real-time traffic category with two branded in-dash head units and three personal navigation device (PND) form factors.  At CES (January 8-11, 2009), five prototypes will be unveiled, including a built-in receiver, cigarette lighter adapter, a cradle product, a Dual in-dash unit and a Visteon advanced OEM platform.  These demonstrations will be unveiled at iBiquity’s booth #9034 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall.

"The radio industry set a precedent by coming together in 2005 to accelerate the adoption of HD Radio technology and the rollout of real-time traffic service over HD Radio broadcasts has been a collaborative effort among radio broadcasters and PND software suppliers," said Joe D’Angelo, VP/Advanced Services, iBiquity Digital Corporation.  "HD Radio technology is now at the size, power, form factor and functionality that can deliver on the promise of digital radio as a base for PNDs and navigation platforms.  2008 was the year of development for this service and this year is all about the commercialization."

Real-time navigation devices using HD Radio technology deliver traffic and concierge services like gas station prices, movie listings, sports scores, stock quotes, school closings, and emergency alerts.  Prototypes of the PNDs to be demonstrated at CES include:

· Dual-branded PND touch screen with HD Radio receiver built into the platform
· PND cigarette lighter adapter using HD Radio technology
· PND with HD Radio receiver in cradle
· Visteon advanced OEM platform head unit with external navigation (will be demoed at Visteon’s LVCC booth CP13 – Central Plaza)
· NAVTEQ Development Platform that displays traffic and concierge services including gas prices, weather information and advertising data
· iBiquity Advanced Development Platform

Two groups have announced that they will offer HD Radio real-time traffic data in the near future: Clear Channel is currently offering a real-time traffic service nationally (we reported yesterday).  In 2008, a group of leading radio companies formed the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, which is working with NAVTEQ to build a nationwide broadcasting network to distribute local traffic and other concierge data services via radio.