Chalk one up for Huckabee


The media is under constant fire for its coverage of the news, with watchdogs doing studies on a constant basis. Even though television news has gone from one network newscast and two or three local telecasts back in the day to a 24/7 cycle, there are still legions of observers who think there is not enough news available, and that much of what does get covered is trivial. Of course, the watchdogs have a point. There is a war in Iraq, there is a major ongoing debate about climate change and what to do about it, there is an almost daily showdown in progress between the White House and Congress, and there is a presidential campaign already in progress.

Many wonder why a legal battle over something as insignificant as a DUI sentence was able to grab a major share of the news hole. One of them is presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R-AR). Currently residing in the second tier of candidates, he is struggling to break into the front ranks but is finding it hard to get his case into the news and before the electorate.

According to the Associated Press, he said, "One of the frustrations is that there is more attention on Britney Spears getting out of a car without underwear than there is about who is going to be the next president." He has figured out a way to get into the spotlight, however, if he can pull it off. "Accompanying Paris Hilton to jail might work."