Change of address no excuse to duck FCC fine


Here we have yet another in the never-ending series of stations that failed to get their license renewal in on time. In the case of WPRX-AM Bristol CT and its licensee, Nievezquez Productions Inc., there was a novel excuse that we think we might have kept to ourselves.

The situation dates back to 12/1/05 – that’s when the station’s license renewal application was due, the standard four months ahead of an expiration date of 4/1/05. The failure to renew progressed all the way to the point that the FCC deleted the call letters and told the station to cease operating immediately.

The station successfully procured an STA to continue operating, and was also hit with a notice of apparent liability for $7K.

It said it wanted out of the fine since the violation was inadvertent and it lacked funds to pay it.
Here’s what we may have kept to ourselves, had we been in this position. The station told the FCC it had moved and had not disclosed its new address to the station, and therefore did not receive a reminder to renew its license.

Uhhhh, the station is supposed to make sure the FCC has an accurate address at all times, and it’s also supposed to be aware of its regulatory obligations, including an existential one such as keeping its license to broadcast in order. The FCC found no reason to undo the NAL on these grounds.

The station sent in financial documentation. Although it operated at a loss for two of the three years it submitted, the FCC goes by gross revenue and determined that the station was pulling in enough cash annually on average to support the $7K fine. It stands.

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