Changes to the RBR Radio Index


As the New Year begins, we are making some changes to the 10-year-old Radio Index that has been tallied daily by RBR. First of all, it has been renamed the RBR Radio Index and it now has a sibling in our other morning Epaper, the TVBR Television Index. In the past the index calculation was limited to companies whose primary business was radio AND whose stock price was above five bucks. Alas, radio has become an industry of many penny stocks and we have been reluctant to drop Citadel, Emmis, Radio One and Westwood One from the calculation because that would leave so few component stocks. So, the hurdle has been lowered to one buck. Those four stay in and both Regent and SBS rejoin the new, improved RBR Radio Index.

In alphabetical order, the 14 components of the RBR Radio Index are: Arbitron, Beasley, Citadel, Clear Channel, Cumulus Media, Cox Radio, Emmis, Radio One, Regent, Salem, Saga, Spanish Broadcasting System and Westwood One. The RBR Radio Index will continue to be reported daily in RBR’s “Stock Talk” section.