Charleston low power TV sold for seven figures


Despite rumors if the imminent demise of free over-the-air television, a digital low power television station serving Charleston SC is going from one Christian noncommercial outfit to another in a cash deal.

The station is WLCN-CD (CD is the suffix for a digital Class A low power television). It is safely south of the portion of the television band being targeted for repurposing, sitting at Channel 18.

The seller is Faith Assembly of God of Summerville, headed by Larry Burgbacher.

The buyer is Christian Television Network of South Carolina Inc., headed by Robert D’Andrea. CTN is an experienced operator of both full and low-power television stations. WLCN will be its 15th station and first in South Carolina, joining properties in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi.

The price: $1.95M cash.

RBR-TVBR observation: Will wireless companies be willing to pay the same amount for 6 MHz of Charleston airspace? Will investors willing to enter the broadcast business also be willing to suddenly turn right around and gracefully exit? It’s a cliffhanger.