Charlie Sheen launches "Masheen" mobile app


The app claims it puts “the mind of Charlie Sheen in your pocket” for $2.99 a download. It offers 17 short videos, a fortune teller and menu selections including Mind Torpedos; Fastballs of Truth; Warlock Gear; Friendly Fire and Magik Tiger.

“The Masheen,” available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via the iTunes store, was approved by Apple on 4/15. An Android version is in development.

The “Mind Torpedos” are a series of Charlie Sheen quotes which change every time you tap the screen. The “Fastballs of Truth” are very short clips of Sheen mentioning quotable snippets.

The “Warlock Gear” offers Charlie Sheen merchandise and the “Magik Tiger” is like a Charlie Sheen-themed Magic 8 Ball.