Charlie Sheen: Will he 'Kiss and Make Up' or 'Is it Over' (vote-video review)


Charlie Sheen’s saga and trouble continues to mount and in many ways is better than his former comedy ‘Two and a Half Men’.  The best way to sum up the feelings at CBS is the quote from CEO Les Moonves, “I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy…”

RBR-TVBR’s question of the week gives Charlie Sheen fans or anyone wanting to voice their opinion. The character Sheen played ‘Wild Thing’ probably best relates to his relaife today. Ya got to laugh at some of this and little credit to Sheen to use all forms of media and social media to get the exposure.

See these reports on Sheen:

Sheen calls Wired 96.5 Philadelphia–twice (Video) this on is wild thing all over

Howard Stern wants Charlie Sheen on radio (video)

Here is RBR-TVBR’s question of the week:

Where will the Charlie Sheen saga end up?

1. CBS/Warner Bros./Lorre and Sheen will kiss and make up, and continue again next season.

2. It will end up in court with Sheen winning and/or getting a hefty settlement for CBS pulling the plug on this season.

3. Sheen will spiral out of control and his career will basically end, with no continuation of the show.

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Charlie Sheen and His Goddesses