Charlotte and motion picture spots detailed


According to Arbitron, Charlotte, NC is the 24th largest radio market with a population of 2,040,000. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market was Geico with 823 units. Coming in #2 was Scott Clark Toyota  Scion running 634 spots, while John Spratt for US H.R. was #3 with 563 spots. Folger Kia was #4 airing 562 announcements and the HD Digital Radio Alliance  was #5 with 401 spots. Wal-Mart came in #6 with 359 spots, while Time Warner  Bundle scheduled 337 spots to land in #7. Bojangles ran 298 spots to come in #8 and Sue Myrick for US H.R. was #9 with 289 spots. The Home Depot came in #10 with 287 ads.

The #1 Motion Picture advertised on the radio last week was PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 with 4,877 spots nationwide. JACKASS 3D was #2 with 2,051 ads, while SAW 3D was #3 with 1,685 spots. Then we drop to #4 with the UNSTOPPABLE MOVIE with 414 spots and N-SECURE secured #5 by running 256 ads. WARREN MILLER’S WINTERVENTION was #6 with 236 spots, while I WANT YOUR MONEY grabbed #7 airing 173 spots. WHAT IF… was #8 with only 93 spots and MEGAMIND 3D was spending more time on TV promoting while they ran only 34 spots on radio to come in #9. TOY STORY 3 was #10 with 20 spots.

GEICO remains the top advertiser in the land with 61,714 spots. THE HOME DEPOT is in at #2 running 33,345 spots, while WAL-MART jumps #35 to #3 with 26,611 spots. FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #4 with 23,777 spots and MCDONALD’S was #5 with 23,266 spots.